Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

One night at Our Porch

>> Apr 2, 2011

One wet night, laron (flying white ants) were coming out from their nest and flying to look for the light. They are sensitive to light. They need light to find their mate. A house lizard was so interested. Lots of food! Patiently, the house lizard waited on the wall to catch a nearing laron. Hap, it successfully caught one. Not bad at all for late dinner :)

A little more about house lizard/gecko :

Researchers have found that the toes of a house lizard/gecko are densely packed with half a million fine hairs. At the end of each hair splits up to 1000 filaments, each just 200 billionths of a meter wide. Which means the gecko foot has about 500 million tiny branches making contact with a surface. It can adhere to literally any surface, even polished glass and mirrors!

Atomic bonding is the reason behind the gecko’s sticky feet. There is an attraction between molecules at the ends of the gecko’s toe hairs and on the contact surface.

The process of shedding all or part of their tails is called autotomy – an action intended to scare off predators (source:google).

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