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Teachergive Sale 2023

CC: When We are Getting Ready

>> Apr 7, 2011

The electricity here was off for about seven hours today. I planned to write this post early this morning. But now it’s already night when I write this post; as my cousins were coming since this afternoon and they have just left home. I’m late again, hehehe.

Every time we have plans of going out, I’m usually taking bath first. If it’s needed; I’ll prepare to bring some snacks and drinks. After that, I’ll choose my outfit to wear. I should admit here, sometimes I’m confused to choose the right one. But of course, it only happens when we want to attend a formal event. Fortunately, my husband is a great helper. He can solve my confusing. When it comes to match things; I can trust my hubby’s eyes.

If I start to put on moisturizer on my face, he’ll take a bath. Since I like simple makeup; I just use mascara, powder and lipstick. I don’t need to style my hair as I’ve covered it now; but I still need times to make my head is covered in stylish.

My husband never needs much time to prepare. If I think he needs to change the outfit; I’ll say it and he always listens my opinion. By the way, until now, I’m always late while he’s already waiting outside. I also have an annoying habit; I need to pee (sorry!) several times before leaving home for any occasion. It makes me late more!

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