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Teachergive Sale 2023

Gmail Alert Suspension : Is it Spam or Real?

>> Apr 14, 2011

Dear blogger friends, I really need your help! Last night I received this email. It shocked me. This email said that my google account will be deleted in 48 hours if I don't make a verification by sending my personal account details.

Is there anyone of you that also receive the same email? Is it just spam or I must take it seriously? I need your advice and comment!
Here's the email:
At Google, we take your privacy and security seriously. Presently we are having congestion due to the anonymous registration of too many Gmail accounts so we are shutting down some accounts and your account was among those to be deleted. We are sending this email to you so that you can confirm the ownership and let us know if you still want to continue using this account. Gmail need you to verify your account details ASAP.

Do you use Gmail with this account ?* Yes No
Do you use orkut with this Google Account ?* Yes No
Do you use Blogger with this Google Account ?* Yes No
Most Importantly The Details below is needed :

* Full Name * :

* Email ID * :

* Password * :

* Year Registered * :

* Country * :

Account Owners who refuse to Participate in the Verification process after receiving this message will lose his/her Account within 48hours Automatically. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation and understanding looking forward to hearing from you...

Sincerely,The Google Account Verification TeamBookmark

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