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Fertility Awareness

>> Aug 16, 2011

Married women should know their fertile days, especially when you are in birth control or natural family planning. Actually, you can track your fertile days by yourself, unless you don’t have regular periods and you often forget to record your period dates. In this case, you need help from Fertility test that will indicate accurately whether you’re in fertile days or not.

To avoid pregnancy and the possibility affected by sexually transmitted disease during your fertile days, Condoms can become your best protection. You can depend on it if your partner doesn’t want to cooperative with your schedule.

Applying natural family planning will ease you if you then plan to get pregnant, since you don’t use any medicine that can influence your cycle. Do you experience late period? Nowadays, it’s not hard anymore to ensure your pregnancy earlier by yourself before consulting to a doctor, as Pregnancy test has already shown accurate result. To keep your own health, avoid and have pregnancy, fertility awareness is very significant!


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All about business August 16, 2011 at 11:08 PM  

yup... i use condoms too, to avoid my wive from pregnancy.

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