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5 Ways to Really Say You’re Sorry

>> Aug 3, 2011

With so much going on in our daily lives – and our work, social life, home life all competing for our time – it is only natural for promises to be forgotten, things to be said without thinking, and oversights to be made. As life continues to get even busier, and we struggle to keep up with our commitments, it seems ‘sorry’ is becoming one our most commonly uttered words. But doesn’t it start to get old? Doesn’t it start to become just a word?

If you’ve worked too late, forgotten an important date, overlooked something you said you would do, or disappointed someone, can you really get across that you’re sorry through one simple word? Are you one of the many people who say ‘I’m sorry’ and all of a sudden you’re accused of not really meaning it? This small thing alone – saying it and not meaning it can often severely escalate arguments between you and your partner and make things a lot worse than before.

So if you’ve been accused of being one of the many who don’t mean it, consider how to better get your message across.

1. Mean it
First and foremost, you can’t argue you mean it if you don’t. It’s not that you don’t think what you have done may have been hurtful or disappointing, it’s that often everything is so busy we don’t get time these days to consider how we feel about something. So how can you mean sorry, if you don’t have time to feel it. If you take the time to consider what you’ve done and how it impacts that special person, you may be able to get across the sentiment you’re intending.

2. A gesture
Giving flowers is a trend that is disappearing these days. But people underestimate the message that a beautiful bouquet of roses
can send on an anniversary, a simple bunch can say to someone grieving, or importantly, the apology a number of bright flowers can convey. Consider going traditional, take your apology with you – and mean it – and present your special someone with a token of your words. If you live far away, you can still send flower by post UK to say you're sorry in one of the most beautiful and thoughtful ways.

3. Fix it
Often there’s no point in saying sorry if you don’t try to rectify the situation. The best way you can apologise is to really think about the issue and go in with a plan to make it better. If the person you are apologising to knows you have taken the time to devise a plan to help rectify the situation – or even just try to make it up to them – it speaks volumes for how sorry you truly are.

4. Don’t repeat it
It might be obvious, but if you make the same mistake twice, it indicates you really don’t regret it, or feel bad for doing it the first time. Make a concentrated effort not to put yourself in a situation where you need to apologise twice in a row for the same mistake – it won’t help your case!

5. A gift

If all else fails, try a gift! Many people make the mistake of giving a gift, or flowers like red roses as they apologise, this makes it look like a bribe. Wait for a period after your apology and buy her that diamond ring, bracelet or earrings she’s been eyeing off – but make sure it’s something she has hinted at wanting. This sends the message that despite your mistake, you pay attention to her and give significance to things she wants and says.

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eden August 4, 2011 at 7:49 PM  

Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

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