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8 Great Gifts for a New Baby

>> Aug 19, 2011

When a friend or family member are having a new baby, it is customary to give newborn baby gifts. It's good and fun going shopping for babies, there are so many cute outfits and lots of pretty things to buy. Shopping for a new baby is so much easier now you can buy Bonds online and other great brands of clothing, accessories and toys.


A lot of people tend to give newborns clothing as a gift. It is good to have lots of clothes for a new baby because some babies go through several changes of clothes a day, as often nappies leak, they tend to throw up on themselves and are generally fairly messy little creatures. You can never have too many singlets and socks, little mittens and hats are also handy.

Photo album

Brand new parents will take hundreds of photos of their new little one and will likely fill several photo albums. There are beautiful albums available just for new baby photos and you can buy pink or blue to suit or other sweet designs. You might want to give an album where you can record all the baby's milestones.


Even if the baby's parents have already set up the nursery, which it is likely they have, having a change of bedding is handy. You can buy matching sets of fitted sheets, flat sheets and blankets. You can also buy cot bumpers and quilts but these are not recommended to use for babies due to the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Photography shoot

A gift the parents will love and the baby will thank you for later, professional photos with a photographer make a great gift. Black and white photographs look great and some photographers specialise in taking photographs of babies.

Nappies and wipes

Something you can never have enough of, nappies and wipes. The average newborn will go through about eight nappies a day, which is a lot of nappies over time. You can buy disposable nappies in boxes of around one hundred, or if the parents have decided to go with cloth nappies you can get fantastic modern cloth nappies that snap on the same as a disposable which come in lovely colours and cute patterns.

Shampoo and body wash

For newborns it is said that you don't need to use any soap or shampoo, just water is fine, but once they get a little bigger it is nice to clean them with special shampoo and body wash. There are beautiful organic and natural brands available that make shampoos and body wash especially for babies sensitive skin.


A bouncer is a great gift, and they came in a variety of styles and a range of prices. You can get really plain ones that are handy for baby to lie back in and later they are good to feed baby in once they start on solids. Other bouncers you can buy have mobiles and toys hanging off them, some vibrate or even rock back and forth, which are great for settling a baby.


The baby won't be able to play with toys straight away but it is a good idea to get things they will use later, like teething toys and educational toys to suit certain ages.

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