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Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Holiday Pleases the Whole Family

>> Aug 5, 2011

So, school holidays are rolling around once more, you’ve got some time off coming up and you’re trying to plan a family holiday that ticks all the boxes. Somewhere fun, affordable, safe, exciting, and most of al, somewhere that is guaranteed to give every member of the family—regardless of age---a good time.

Sometimes it can seem like a mission impossible to find the perfect family holiday destination, but believe us, there are a few options out there, if you give it a bit of thought! Whether you choose that idyllic Fiji holiday package you’ve been dreaming of or the adventure trip to New Zealand, it’s as much about how you plan it as it is about the destination itself!

1. Compromise

Obviously we don’t have to tell you that the modern family is made up of a wide range of personalities and tastes, which means that not everyone is going to have the same interests—thank goodness! When planning a family holiday, obviously activities that are going to be really exciting for some members aren’t going to be quite as fascinating for others, but a good way to get around this is to make sure everyone feels as though their needs are being met. For example, if the little ones have their heart set on visiting an amusement park, make sure they know that as a trade off they’ll also be accompanying mum and dad to a museum. Knowing that they’ll be able to have their fun too will make them much less reluctant to visit attractions they might not be so interested in.

2. The Great Outdoors

The best thing about holidays that incorporate outdoor activities is that there’s no age limit on enjoying nature. Whether you’re setting off to explore a local rainforest, kicking back on a beach or strapping on the skis and hitting the slopes, the Great Outdoors are fun for everyone. What’s more, you can each engage in different activities while you’re in the same place!

3. Cruising

One of the best family holiday activities is taking a cruise. Not only do cruises stir up a lot of excitement in kids (of all ages), but once you’re onboard there are facilities to keep everyone entertained. The kids can learn new skills and play with other little people their age in a supervised kids club, leaving mum and dad to relax by the pool. Then, when it’s time to disembark at a local port, everyone is revitalized and ready for some quality family time and exploration. Whether you check out a
Fiji cruise for a tropical getaway or perhaps something a little more off the beaten track with an Alaskan or Antarctic cruise, the combination of a ship, good food, constant stimulation for the kids and effortless relaxation for the parents is a family holiday favourite.

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