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Between Me, Dizziness, and Transformers 3D

>> Aug 11, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, we wanted to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Arrived at the cinemas, we decided to watch the film in 3 D version as we haven’t tried it before. The movie would be played in five minutes; we got the seat tickets on the third row from the front/screen. The other seats were already sold.

Then we hurriedly entered the studio, took our 3D eyeglasses and found our seats.

Soon the movie started to play. Wearing the eyeglasses, I really enjoyed the 3D movie sensation, as it’s my first time experiencing it. But after more than half an hour, I began to feel dizzy and nausea. At first, I didn’t guess that it caused by the 3D movie, I guessed that it’s because the chilly studio. The longer the movie playing, I also felt eye fatigue.

Of course, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I experienced headache, dizzy, nausea and eye fatigue at the same time. I put on and off the eyeglasses several times during the movie. It’s not an enjoyable movie watching. I forced myself to keep watching it as I like this movie!

When the movie was over, I asked my husband whether he experienced the same symptoms. He said that he also felt dizzy, but I suffered more. Reaching home, the dizziness hasn’t gone yet. It really left me after I had a sleep about half an hour.

I was curious, so I try to search the answer. In one article that I found, the writer, Sabnock, said that technology used in recent 3D television products can lead to eye fatigue, dizziness, nausea and headaches. One of the reasons is too close distance between audience and the screen. More closer to the screen, the impact will be felt increasingly, especially for eyes and head.

In my case –watching 3D at a cinema- our seats were too close to the screen (under 10 meters), that’s why I experienced those unpleasant impacts. Next time, I’ll come earlier and take seats at the back. The further from the screen, the better.

If you’re interested to buy a 3D television, you should think again. There’s a research held by experts from Eindhoven University in Netherlands stated that 20% of 3D televisions users, facing unpleasant symptoms while watching. In this study, the distance between the audiences with a television screen is an average of 10 feet (about 3 meters). 7 of 39 correspondents claimed often nausea and headache after seeing a 3D television. This disorder usually doesn’t occur immediately, it will be preceded by double vision and strain of the eye first. Please be careful, guys!


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