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8 Ideas for a Gift Basket for a Man

>> Nov 9, 2011

Sometimes it can be impossible finding the right gift for a man. Women are easy to buy presents for but for some reason it is usually a struggle when it comes to gifts for men. Instead you can give them a few smaller items inside either gift baskets, or food items in gift hampers.

Barbecue gifts
If you entertain a lot or do a fair few meals on the barbecue make up a gift basket with all the tools he will ever need to cook a smoking barbecue. You can buy barbecue sets that have tongs and spatulas especially for the barbecue and you can also include a stubby holder, an apron, a barbecue cookbook and a few bottles of marinades.

Gifts for the handy man
If your guy is a handy man and you have trouble getting him out of his back shed and into the house, then give him a gift basket with items in it like a new tape measure, a hammer, a set of screwdrivers and a book on Do-It-Yourself projects. Perhaps for fun include a list of all the things you'd like done around the house.

Grooming gifts
Some men like to pay attention to their looks and take care of themselves so give him a travel shaving kit, after shave, moisturiser for men, nice shampoo, some body wash, a long handled brush for the shower and a gift voucher for a massage or facial.

Movie night
For the movie lover fill a gift basket with some of his favourite movies or some great classic action ones like 'The Great Escape' and 'Zulu'. Include some popcorn, chips, lollies and chocolate and as the main present give him some movie vouchers which he can claim at the cinema and see whatever movies he likes.

Food lover
Depending on his taste a gift basket can include foods like cheese and wine, beer and nuts, chocolate and coffee or a mixture of his favourites.

Sports fan
For those who enjoy sports make up a basket based around his favourite team. If he is football mad then buy him season tickets to see his favourite team play or even buy him a club membership. Professional sporting teams have all sorts of memorabilia so include a team scarf, shirt or jumper, a beanie or hat and you might even be able to get signed portraits of team players.

Car mad
If your partner is crazy about his car then get him a gift basket with things that he can use with his car. Sponges and a chamois for washing his car and a bottle of car wax can be included in the basket, as well as tickets to a racing event. Other items can include a steering wheel cover and car seat covers.

Book loverHe may enjoy reading so make up a gift basket filled with books by his favourite author and others about areas of interest, like sports, politics or history. You could also include a magazine subscription to his favourite magazine.

3 komentar:

Pulsa Elektrik November 10, 2011 at 3:25 AM  

bener2 harus dicatat para pria nih

Mhar's Display November 10, 2011 at 1:10 PM  

My husband likes books. So this holiday season, I already have one in mind to give him as gift. :)


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