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Teachergive Sale 2023

Getting VA Home Loan to Own Your Dream Home

>> Nov 12, 2011

Having a home is always becoming every one’s dream. For some people that have served the country like millions of Veteran and Active Duty service personnel, the Congress created the VA Loan Guaranty Program to help them attaining their dream of homeownership. Since 1944, the US Department of Veterans Affairs has successfully assisted more than 18 million military members to have their own homes.

The VA home loan allows the eligible military members to have houses without the obligation to make any down payment. This kind of loan can be released by only certified VA home loan lenders. Compared to traditional home loan, it can be said that the VA home loan is probably the most prospective and flexible lending choice available on the market nowadays.

If the borrower fails to pay, the VA guarantees to pay back the lenders about a quarter of each loan. It means that the lenders acquire bigger protection when lending to military members and it often directs to very competitive rates and terms of VA loan for eligible veterans.

Before applying for a VA home loan, it would be better if you first visit the resource website that offers the comprehensive VA home loan information. You must make sure to take any step after you get full information.

The VA home loan will be eligible for any one who meets at least one of the criteria: been in active duty for minimum 181 days in peacetime, been in active duty for minimum 90 days during war time, minimum 6 years in the Reserves or National Guard, or the spouse of a service member killed during of duty (the spouse hasn’t remarried).

Choose the reputable and certified VA home loan lender and then you submit your VA home loan application there. The competent VA lender will guide you in every step until the closing day when the home buying contract is formally accomplished and you can move to your own home.

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