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How to Improve the Safety of Your Pool Area

>> Nov 11, 2011

One of the important things you need to consider when putting in a pool are the safety issues. You should also be vigilant about safety if you have young children or if there are young children living in the neighbourhood who could get into your backyard and accidentally fall in your pool. As well as buying all the necessary pool supplies you have to put up a proper safety fence. It can also help to lay non-slip stone tiles around your pool area so that when they get wet people won't easily slip and hurt themselves.

Safety Fence
By law you are required to have a safety fence around your pool. Many toddlers and young children drown every year in backyard pools but a lot of accidents are prevented by the fact that people have safety fences. You need to make sure that you fence adheres to the right safety standards. You can install fences that are specifically built as pool safety fences, or you can choose to put up a different style fence. If you choose something different you need to make sure that it is the correct height, that small children cannot slip through anywhere and that you have a proper gate with a child-proof latch. There are a wide variety of pool-fences available that will enhance the look of your pool area or you might choose to have a brick wall, a brush fence or a stylish glass fence that will not impede your view of your pool area.

Stone Tiles
You should look at laying tiling around your pool that is a non-slip surface. Things like polished concrete or marble are very slippery when wet and are not appropriate surfaces to have beside a pool. Young children often run around pools when they are playing in them, and as the ground around the pool becomes wet children can easily slip and hurt themselves, or they could even fall into the pool, hit their heads and subsequently drown. When installing a pool you need to put safety at the forefront of your design decisions.

First Aid
It is important that someone in your household learns first aid, particularly if you have young children and a swimming pool. You should also have an up to date well stocked first aid kit close by the pool and regularly check that you have everything in it that you would need in case of an emergency. It is a handy skill to learn CPR, which is something you learn during a first aid course.

Improve Visibility

You can help improve the safety of your pool by simply improving the visibility around your pool area. Cut back any trees or bushes that might block your view of the pool so you can see it from inside the house. If you have older children you may let them swim while you are inside, but it is good to keep an eye on anyone who is in the pool, no matter what their age. Small children and toddlers must be supervised around water at all times.

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