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Teachergive Sale 2023

8 Ways to Improve Your Personal Safety

>> Nov 22, 2011

Everyone should be aware of their own personal safety when they are out, particularly at night. We can even make our homes more secure which will help keep ourselves and our families safer. Install security cameras or put in security doors and security screens. When you are out be aware of where you are and who is around you at all times.

Learn Self Defence

Learning self defence is a positive step towards protecting yourself. Having skills like these might just help save your life. The likelihood of needing these skills is small but there is still a chance, no matter how tiny and you will thank yourself if you can get out of a situation.

Security Doors

Security doors are great to have because if someone knocks on your front door you can answer without having to let a stranger in. You can still talk to the person and even see them but they usually can't see in. You will be able to keep the front door open during summer to let the breeze through your home but keep the security door locked for your protection.

Security Screens

Put added protection on your home by installing security screens. Security screens will allow you to still be able to see out your windows and also open them but no one will be able to break in. Intruders often enter through windows as well, so make it impossible for them to do so.

Be Aware of what is Going On

Be aware of what is going on around you and who is nearby. If you have to walk anywhere late at night avoid lane ways and other dark places. Stay in well lit areas and make sure you are not being followed.

Watch Out in Car Parks

People are often attacked while they are sitting in their cars in the car park. Often people are followed to their cars and then the attacker will jump in before the person has the chance to drive away. Don't hang around in your car doing other things before you drive away. Get in and go.

Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms

If you don't have the physical strength to fight off an attacker you can carry a personal alarm or pepper spray, depending on what is available. This is a particularly good idea for females and these personal protection items can fit easily in a hand bag.

Be Accountable

If you are walking anywhere late at night head straight to your destination and even let people know when you are expected there and when you are expected home. A quick phone call can put somebody's mind at ease that you got home safely.

Don't Be Alone

A great way to improve your personal safety is to simply not be alone if you have to go anywhere late at night or go anywhere that is potentially dangerous. Have someone walk you back to your car, travel with you in a taxi, walk you home and to your front door and make sure that you stay safe.


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