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8 Things You Should do When Moving House

>> Nov 5, 2011

Moving house can be a stressful time but if you are organised you can help make the process as painless as possible. Choosing the right removalists can also make the task easier. It is important that you continue to have contents insurance while you are moving as it will cover your furniture and possessions while they are in transit.

Hire a Good Removalist

For a successful move it is important to hire a reputable removalist company to transport your furniture and personal belongings. You want a company that you can trust with your personal items and be happy knowing that they will treat your things carefully and get them to their destination in one piece. Ask around any friends or family who have moved for advice.

Change Your Address

You will need to change your address with all the associations and institutions that you are involved with. This will include changing your address on your driver's license, with the bank, with any government organisations (like Centrelink and Medicare) and with any clubs.

You will need to cancel the connections of your utilities to your home, such as gas, electricity, water and also your telephone and internet. It is likely you will have to pay a disconnection fee. You will then need to contact the companies that will supply these services to your new home and arrange to have them connected for when you move in.

Packing can be a difficult and time consuming job but look at it as an opportunity to clean out some of your things. You will find that there are lots of items you don't use any more, clothes you don't wear and if there is anything you haven't seen for years it is likely you don't really need it any more. Give things away to charity or have a garage sale.

Redirect Mail
Until you are able to get your address changed at all the clubs, associations and organisations that you belong to you should have your mail re-directed. Go into your local post office, fill out the necessary form and you will pay a fee to re-direct your mail for a certain amount of time. Gradually you will be able to change your address with everybody after you move.

Know Where Everything Is

Make sure that you know where everything is around your new home. You should have already gone to investigate your children's new school, but also find out where the closest shops are, the newsagent, chemist, doctors and dentist, sporting clubs and public transport. If you have changed jobs find out the best way to get there or what the best way to get to your old job is.

Double Check Before Leaving
On the day you move make sure you check all the rooms to ensure everything has been packed into the removalists truck. Check the built in wardrobes and also check around the back garden, under the house, in the attic and in any sheds.

Don’t Forget Your Friends!
Make sure you don't forget to let your friends know your new address and when you are moving. Also let them know when your house warming party is.
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