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5 Benefits of Booking Online

>> Nov 14, 2011

Online booking is a cheap and convenient way for business travellers to research and plan a trip. It allows extensive investigation of accommodation, aiding the choice between hotels and serviced apartments. Sydney, for example, has many varieties of both with different facilities. It also allows investigation of the destination, travel insurance, comparison of cost and provides a convenient, quick method of booking.

Some advantages of online booking are:
· Convenience of payment and access.
· Cost effectiveness for business or leisure travellers
· Better organisation of the trip
· Complementary booking- for example tours and travel insurance
· Provision of feedback forums.

1. Booking online is convenient

Online booking is available 24 hours a day. It is a very convenient method for booking travel. It is also less time consuming than visiting a travel agent. Buying online can take minutes rather than hours. It avoids queues, waiting times and explanations.

In addition most online travel services will take credit cards. Often credit cards have consumer insurance policies. This protects the consumer with online sales. Online services therefore provide an efficient way to budget and plan for a trip.

2. Online travel services are cost effective

Many travel websites offer special deals. These deals are not available at travel agencies. Online booking also avoids the agent fee and reduces commissions and other payments required at a shopfront. Online services therefore save money for business or leisure travellers.

3. Better organisation

Online services facilitate comparison shopping between many providers. For example accommodation types can be compared via the internet. The traveller can make an informed choice between hotels or serviced apartments. Sydney, being a large city has many hotels and apartments and internet browsing can provide options which meet the needs of the traveller. This means that the trip will be better organised and for businesses more cost effective.

4. Complementary booking

Internet booking allows consumers to choose accommodation styles and flights that suit their budget and other needs. It also is a tool for complementary booking. For example, tours of the destination can be booked online. Travel insurance can also be obtained via the internet. This is a necessity for travellers who may want to be adventurous. Web services make combination bookings easier and quicker.

5. Online feedback promotes choice

Online agencies usually have feedback forms that can provide forums for complaints or compliments. They can also provide reviews from other travellers. This makes choice easier and more informed.
Online forms can also be a facility for communication. The traveller can provide feedback of a positive or negative nature to the organisation and receive feedback in return. This provides a more individual travel experience.
Online booking of travel is a cost effective, convenient method of trip planning. It enhances planning an itinerary, organisation of tours and insurance. It is also a method that promotes comparison shopping, thus ensuring that the trip is kept within budget. Online travel services are an ideal way for business or personal travellers to plan their next holiday or business trip.

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Cheqna November 15, 2011 at 9:03 AM  

This reminds me that I have to check online for cheap flight for my next trip home..hehe.


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