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Splashy and Thrilling Moments at Seaworld Orlando

>> Jul 27, 2012

Orlando – the tourist hub of Florida! The city of endless eternal beauties . Serene beauties of Orlando can’t be expressed in some mere words! you will have to see it to believe it. I had been there on last summer with my kids and those holidays were the most rejuvenating moments of my life. Fresh breeze of air had been injected to my exhausted nerves and I felt the perfect bliss which I couldn’t ever find elsewhere. Just one post will not be enough to describe the serenity and entertaining aspects of Orlando, so I’m going to tell about the experiences of me and my kids at Seaworld.

On the day of arrival, we planned in the evening about the entire vacation ! We hadn’t visited anywhere on that day as all of us were exhausted. On the next morning, we headed to Seaworld Orlando as both of my kids are really enthusiastic about marine lives and watery rides.

Orlando Seaworld is the 9th world’s most visited amusement park and few millions of travelers from all across the globe visits of each year. Main entrance of the water themed park consists of lush tropical landscapes and a large artificial fresh water body with the iconic Shamu(the first female killer whale survived in captivity for more than 13 months) themed lighthouse.

Just near the entrance is the most amazing rollercoaster named as Manta! As the train which takes us for a splashy and thrilling ride resembles the shape of a Manta ray. Manta is just not a mere rollercoaster! Its infrastructure resembles a sea side village. Manta is a flying rollercoaster which simulates the sensation of how rays and Mantas fly high as it emerges from the sea and remains afloat in air for certain time span before diving back to water. Trust me, it’s a just spine chilling experience for us! Especially when the rollercoaster reached its zenith, I felt shock waves passing through my spine.

Every segments of the roller coaster is highly stylized resembling the wings of rays and comfortable and its main front resembles the head of a manta. The rollercoaster passes extremely close to the water and its wings appear to skim the surface. Water jets in the main laggon create splashy effects as the rollercoaster passes on. I felt like we are travelling on the wings of a giant manta.

First 4 acres of acquired land consists of 10 aquariums with 184,000 gallons of water consisting of 300 species of rays and 60 species of other sea creatures. Floor to ceiling Plexiglas window with 225 sq feet overhead tunnel prompted me to felt like a sea diver watching those remarkable creatures.

Key West Is designed to resemble the architecture of Key West Florida. It’s the zone where we snapped pictures of some rare green sea turtles! We also fed the string ray under the supervision of the trainers. Waterfront is the newest themed park which exhibits a pearl diving event! Me and my kids gladly participated in this event. We dived into a moderately deep fresh water body and found lots of artificial oysters under the stern guidance of professional underwater swimmers.

Sky tower ride is the most thrilling joyride but it wasn’t recommended for those who has phobia of heights. Water front resembles a Mediterranean village with some shops and restaurants. Kids had the most enjoyable moments while feeding small fishes to the Bottlenose dolphins at the dolphin cove and touched their noses! It made me to felt that dolphins are the cutest creatures of ocean and their noise and serene eyes reflects their playful nature. Adjoined dolphin nursery was the most lovable zone for us! It’s a covered exhibit where new born dolphins inhabit.

My younger daughter told me that whether she can have one such pet in her aquarium? Tenderness of her question had really left me in the state of dilemma between reality and fascination. Other than Manta, another exciting rollercoaster ride is Kraken which is a floorless rollercoaster and there is a terrifying tale of Kraken(ancient sea monsters) behind the name of the joyride.

Stringray Lagoon is a covered exhibit where we touched stringrays and it’s where my younger daughter again asked that are they aliens? I didn’t knew what to reply. Shark encounter zone left us in the state of awe! It’s an underwater tunnel consisting of wide varieties of sharks and barracuda. It was an awesome experience while eating some ethnic delicacies of sea foods and seeing movement of sharks simultaneously! My younger ones just sat staring at the baby sharks with spoon in her mouth. After the lunch, we left for our hotel and my kids were overjoyed as they saw those fantastic inhabitants of sea physically, which they only had saw in their life-science books before.

It was an amazing and rejuvenating experience for us! I can still feel the goosebumps while recapitulating the ride at Manta. I don’t know when shall I be able to visit there again, but I shall surely like to visit for at least once before departing from beautiful earth.

Author Bio:- Henry Watkins is a real estate expert by profession and a traveler by passion. In his leisure moments he prefers to write about his traveling experiences. He mentioned in one his written article on Orlando about fascinating orlando airport transportation facilities. He appreciated the fact that favorable orlando transportation services adds more sparks to the entertainment hub of Florida.

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