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How to Choose the Right Wedding Music

>> Jul 31, 2012

Music is going to be an important part of your wedding so you'll want to do everything you can pick the right wedding music. Here is a quick guide to help you plan your music so that the wedding band or DJ make you, your soon-to-be spouse, the wedding party and all of the guests happy and excited about the wedding.
1. Organize your guest list

Music can definitely be assembled according to the ages of the guests. Break down your guest list into age categories so that you can see exactly how many people fit into each group. For example, you could have categories from 0 -25, 25 - 40, 40 -55 and 55 - 70. If you find that you only have one guest over the age of 70, you may only want to play one or two songs specifically for them. If you find that most of your guests are between the 25 - 40 -year-old range, you can ask the band or the DJ for music suggestions that they'd prefer. A good DJ or band member will know what types of music are commonly preferred by the different age categories.

2. Make a list

If you have specific songs that are special write them down for the band or the DJ well before the wedding. Don't assume that they will remember the songs on their own. They probably have a lot of bookings lined up and everything should be clearly stated in writing.

3. Remember the weddings you've attended

Think back to the weddings that you been to and the type of dancing that was available. Even though the chicken dance may not be your favorite type of music, it may spark a lot of great memories. Just because you prefer one music type does not mean that other genres can’t be a wild success at any wedding.

4. The DJ and band make it

In most cases the spirit and liveliness found in the band or the DJ will set the mood for the music. A lively band or DJ that interact with the crowd can actually set the entire tone for the reception. Look for happy upbeat individuals that look like they'd have a lot of fun at a wedding and only hire them. A serious more reserved band or DJ just isn't going to give you what you deserve on your special wedding day.

Article by Sharon Freeman on behalf of  JMD Entertainment .

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