Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Taste the Delicious Cuisines of Alicante

>> Jul 26, 2012

Alicante car rental services are very popular in the city as they help in easy travelling with friends, family and partner. One can go different locations by renting them, these car rental agencies are available all over as the demands are so high. People like to hire them as the rates are reasonable and charged as per the services taken, so one can select the car and other services as per the budget and can enjoy a relaxed traveling. Here are some of the popular restaurants in Alicante, which can be explored by renting car services:

Piripi: This restaurant is famous for its rice, seafood and fish dishes, all the food items are prepared by using fresh ingredients daily. The restaurant also serves delicious salami and sausages, with huge variety of tapas. The interiors are very good and offer very skilled waiters for services.

One One: Taste the best Mediterranean cuisine in this restaurant; one can select from the wide variety of food items available in this place. The ambience is good with colorful photos and posters on the wall which makes the place more interesting.

Bíomenú: Organic food items are served in this restaurants, fresh salads and curries can be tasted her in a perfect friendly environment. One can come here with friends or family by taking a rented car.

El Trellat: This restaurant is very modern; people are friendly and very welcoming. The place offer creative dishes, all the dishes on the menu list are made by using different ingredients than the usual one, to make them more creative and tasty. Even the deserts are very delicious and are a must to try during the visit.

Cantina Villahelmy: A very funky place with classical figures, painted skeletons and other crawly items, different bright colors are used to make the place warm and friendly. One can have a great time here by enjoying the music with beer and different snack items and fresh salads. 

Pintxo Kalea: A restaurant with stylish bar where one can enjoy different popular drinks, juices, fresh salads, steaks and other delicious items.

Color de Especías: One can enjoy delicious dishes and desserts with the loved one and can enjoy the meal in a romantic ambience with low lights and slow music. Most of the dishes are very creative as the place tries to offer different varieties to the customers.

Tabulé: This is the perfect place for the vegetarian food lovers, fresh ingredients are used for making the yummy food dishes which can be enjoyed with different drinks or with hot cup of coffee.

All the above restaurants offer mouth watering dishes at good rates; by taking the Alicante car rental  (alicante autovermietung) services one can visit these places and can enjoy amazing meals with the loved one.

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