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View the Different Art Works of Italy

>> Jul 17, 2012

Italy is a place where one can explore many different aspects, it offers amazing scenic beauty, historical monuments and many other sightseeing spots. It is best to make tour Italy plan so that one can spend good quality time with the loved one. Italy is also popular for its great architectures and art work, for art lovers it is a heaven. One can see the following places to see the real art work:

Cappelle Medicee: Great baroque style art work can be seen on the marble and granite stones, the place showcases three most haunting sculptures. People like to come to this place as it offers great architectural value.

Chiesa di San Luigi dei Francesi: It is a very ancient church for the Rome community since 1589. Many religious art works were made between 1600 and 1602, which can also be seen in this place. It is suggested to bring the cameras and click the amazing art works.

Chiesa di Sant’agostino: This church is very much liked by people, especially by the mum to be as many sculpture of the Virgin Mary can be seen here as barefoot.

La Pietà: It was earlier known as Chiesa di Santa Maria della Visitazione, people started calling it fondly as Pieta. The church is also famous as it is related with the composer Vivaldi; he was the concertmaster during the early 18th century.

Basilica di Sant’Apollinare in Classe: Very artistic mosaic located 5km southeast of the city centre and was built on the burial site of Ravenna’s patron saint in the 6th century.

Basilica di Santa Maria Novella: This church was completed in 1346; the art works are great and showcase some of the most extraordinary works of the Renaissance. The building is a perfect example of classic motives and balanced geometry with three dimensional.

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine: The building is very ancient with loads of great form of art work. People should come here during the trip to see the historical aspects in the form of buildings.

Oratorio dei Crociferi: 16th-century masterpieces by Palma Il Giovane can be seen here, people can click the photos for keeping the sweet memories.

Arezzo Cathedral: Located on the top of the hill, this was completed in the 15th century. The place offers not only good art works but also very amazing views from the top.

Chiesa di San Pancrazio & Museo Marino Marini: The church is standing here from the 9th century, with time just the remains can be seen here. The sculptures showcase the real beauty of art work.
Other than the above places, there are many other beautiful art works which can be enjoyed during tours Italy. Italy offers great monuments, museums, churches and art galleries, for art lovers there are many things to see and enjoy.

Author Bio:  Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics Tours Italy, for more information you can check her other blogs.

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