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Top 10 Restaurants of Palermo

>> Jul 28, 2012

Palermo is a very famous tourist spot of Italy, full of palaces, castles and churches. The place is flourished with different architectural aspects; people come here to explore the natural beauty. For doing all these things, it is best to rent a car as they help in easy travelling and makes the trip enjoyable with the loved one. Other than the tourist spots there are many other things in Palermo like good restaurants and shopping areas. One can take the help of Palermo car rental services and can do the various other activities.
Here are some of the popular restaurants, where different food cuisines can be tasted:
·Sant’Andrea: This restaurant is very famous for its classic dishes almond pesto, tagliatelle with lobster, etc. It is located in a corner of a ruined church; people come here from different places just to taste the creative dishes in an excellent environment.

·Cucina Papoff: This place is famous for its Sicilian dishes like simmered fish stew with capers and olives, the interiors are very interesting with wooden ceilings and torch-style lighting.

·Antico Caffè Spinnato: This cafĂ© is serving people since 1860, it is located in Pedestrian Boulevard where one can enjoy delicious coffee with fresh sandwiches, other snacks, ice creams and oven baked cakes.

·Antica Focacceria di San Francesco: One should defiantly try some of the popular food items of this restaurant like the oven-baked Vecchia Palermo moffoletta with cherry tomatoes, brave a maritata, the age-old Palermitan snack featuring milza (veal innards) and ricotta cheese, anchovies, caciocavallo cheese and oregano. It is one of the oldest eating houses in Palermo.

·Trattoria Biondo: The interior of this restaurant is very interesting as the rooms are decorated with different varieties of tiles, plates and colorful paintings.  One can enjoy different food items in the restaurant as well as can ask for the take away. Best varieties of pizza can be tasted here with all the fresh toppings and loads of cheese.

·Trattoria Basile: Taste the best Italian cuisines in this place, this restaurant offers the experience of authentic dinning. One can enjoy different varieties of appetizers, main course and desserts at good rates; the quality of food is excellent and is worth paying.

·L'Acanto: Another place to enjoy the best Itallian dishes at good rates, every food item is made by using fresh ingredients. The menu offers some of the best traditional dishes with a modern twist, best is to try the seafood and the grilled fish items with popular wines.

·La Cambusa: For seafood lovers, this place serves some of the best seafood dishes. The place is always busy and offers great time with friends.

·Massaro: Enjoy excellent breakfasts or snacks as the place serves different variety of cakes and other baked items.

·Les Amis: Taste the best pasta and fish dishes in this place, the interiors are good and showcase the true Italian style.

All the above mentioned restaurants can be visited by taking the Palermo car rental (autonoleggio Palermo) services at reasonable rates.

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