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Does Mom Know Best or She just Wants to Annoy You?

>> Jul 5, 2013

People who still live with their moms, know exactly how it feels arguing with her for stupid things like Why you didn't close that window or Why you left your bag on the kitchen table? And the worst part comes when you bring your new boyfriend(or girlfriend) home and they start telling them stories about how you broke your friend's nose or about that time you laughed so hard that you lost consciousness,  because you couldn't breathe. That's the time when you just want to disappear or ... you just start yelling at them for that matter. And then every single time you are about to get out, your mom reminds you that you should take your jacket or tells you how to talk to your friends – is it really because she knows best  or is it because she wants to annoy you? You probably think that all she does is because she wants to annoy you(even though sometimes it really is so), she really knows best.

Mom knows best. She does. Believe it or not, she knows you better than your friends and even better than yourself. All she wants to do is help you throughout your life. You would think that all she does is telling you what to do just like she is a  commander and you are her soldier, but this is just how it feels; the thing is she is trying to protect you. If sometimes she is telling an embarrassing story to your new boyfriend(girlfriend), don't stop her – let her finish her story and see how your new beloved one responses to it. If they don't change the way they think of you – they might be worth your time. Everything your mom does has its purpose. So listen to her, she will know how to save you from relationships or events that are worth your time or nerves.

She might have lived more than you and know a lot more about life, but your mom is still a normal person like you, and sometimes she'd do thing just to annoy.

You can't deny that she has her style, right? Aging isn't the best process in human life, and it surely can make a woman crazy. There are times when you would definitely go out of your mind because of something your mom does or says. But you shouldn't. Try to be able to differ the times when she really wants to help you and the times when she is just doing things out of boredom or frustration or just because she feels she needs to say something(because she is your mom).

Don't get too angry at her. You will not always be around her and someday you will miss this caring creature. Be right next to her shoulder when they need you, try not to be a pain while you are still around her, and for sure one day(I promise you!) - you won't think that all your mom wants to do is to annoy you – you will love her for every little thing she does or say, because she really knows best.

Autor Bio: Jessica Conars' big love is her family and her home. She works for http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/ and that is why her home is always clean and perfect.

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Mike Carlson July 6, 2013 at 9:15 PM  

When I was younger, I used to think that my mom just wants to annoy me that is why she keeps on interfering to every little thing that I want. But now that I am a mom myself, I now know that moms will always want what's best for their kids no matter how annoying it may be for the kids.

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