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Fungal Nail Infections Make Life Full Of Embarrassment

>> Jul 20, 2013

How fungal infections occur in nails?

Fungal infections in nails occur when the fungus gets in contact with a moist surface like human nails which provide it the perfect breeding environment and it spread very fast and feeds on the nail and skin cells surrounding it. The fungal infection can occur in both hand nails and toe nails but are more widely found in toe nails because they are usually covered in footwear and the nails are usually sweaty and moist.

Less blood circulation and past genetic history of such infections in family and health conditions like diabetes etc are other causes that can compliment this disease and it occurs in old as well as young people and in children too who play a lot in garden mud.

How can you identify that it is indeed fungal infection?

At first when the toe nail infection starts then it becomes brittle. After some time as the fungal infection spreads in the nail and nail bed then the nail can get completely discolored as well as disfigured too like its rotting and you feet will appear to be smelly no matter how much washing you have done. The color of the nails could change anything from white to green. Also the toes feel painful and muscle cramps in feet occur more. When the nail bed gets severely infected then bleeding can also start.

You become so conscious in personal life

Such fungal nail infection can make you utterly uncomfortable while swimming or going in salons. You won’t go for a spa or tanning booth wearing socks, would you? You will not be able to wear trendy sandals and heels with front side open and wearing closed shoes will aggravate your problem! In fact personal life will also suffer and you would feel so much embarrassment in front of your partner. And ladies, forget your nail paints if you are a sufferer. Is it not enough to make your life a living hell?

Infection can have serious implications too

These fungal nail infections start from one nail and then spread to all the nails of feet as well as finger nails due to contact while itching or applying medicine. Your loved ones, children and friends might get the infection from you. Not only this, If the infection is not treated then it can lead to gangrenes in the fingers and toes and amputation will be the only option left which is the worst case that can happen with these infections.

Don’t worry, it can be cured completely
Yes, you heard that right. That is the big news and that is TRUE!! These infections are completely curable but the time taken for complete healing will depend upon the extent of infection and can take anywhere from a couple of months to an year too. Various antibiotic oral medicines and OTC medicines are available and can be used with doctor’s prescription. Home remedies like the use of `Listerine’ is also very famous and can help to heal the nail faster.

This article is written by Subodh Jain, a web based article writer fond of writing different topics concerning health, beauty and wellness.

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