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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Used Dumper

>> Jul 8, 2013

Buying used dumpers might seem like a good idea. They’re good for removing large amounts of waste in a matter of minutes. If you don’t take proper precautions you could find yourself without a place to store it, a broken dumpster, or a vehicle you paid too much for. Bear in mind some of these tips before purchasing a used dumper.


Dumpers are vehicles like any other. If you can get in it and drive it around you need proper insurance. Talk to your insurer about your policy and whether it covers a dumper. Some insurance companies might require a different type of policy to keep you completely covered.

These are heavy vehicles. Opt for fully comprehensive cover. It’s easy to cause some serious damage with one of these trucks. Third-party only cover could leave you dealing with a financial black hole should anything go wrong.


In most places in the UK, you can’t park one of these vehicles on the street. They’re too big and can clog the entire road. If you have a driveway where you can put it, this is fine. Most likely, you will have to organise a place in a garage or a secure storage facility before buying. It’s more hassle, but it’s your only option for such a large vehicle.

Factor the cost of any storage into your costs before purchasing a second-hand vehicle.


Choose the truck which suits your needs. You can buy vehicles with up to 5 yards of storage space in the back or larger trucks going all the way up to 40 yards of storage space. Assess your needs first.


All vehicles have to be registered in the UK. Check the registration documents of the seller. It’s unlikely to happen, but you need to make sure the seller isn’t trying to palm you off with a stolen piece of machinery. Ensure it’s registered to them before buying.

You’ll also need to transfer these registration documents to yourself during the purchasing process. If you only hand some money over and drive away, there’s no proof a purchase ever took place.

Check the Dumper

Inspect the vehicle to make sure it’s up to standard. Ask to take it for a test drive. Test all the mechanisms to see if they work. You should inspect it from the outside and behind the wheel. Get in the cab and press every button. Get out of the cab and get the seller to press every button. This ensures you’re buying something in good working order.

Servicing History

Ask to see a full record of the vehicle’s servicing history. This gives you an idea of the sort of problems you might have to deal with in the future. Used dumpers have nearly always had to go in for servicing at some point. Knowing where problems have occurred in the past can point you in the right direction should something go wrong.

And if it costs too much to service, you might want to look elsewhere. But don’t get put off because of a servicing history. A little extra work comes as standard, especially with older vehicles.

Tim Manson has written numerous articles throughout the web when it comes to giving individuals advice about used dumpers.

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