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Teachergive Sale 2023

Thrill-seeking in Verona

>> Jul 20, 2013

I had read about the thrill and excitement of festivals in Italy in magazines. However, I was fortunate enough this time. My company chose me to cover a carnival for our news daily; in the terrain where every event is celebrated with zeal - the Carnevale of Verona.

I was accompanied by a friend of mine who kept me update with local traditions, their cultures, through out the trip. I intend to share that the festival is celebrated on the last Friday every year. Masks are a specialty of this festival. For every single moment I spent there, it felt as if I was hovering with those masks in a trance progression and everything around me was full of jollity and fun.

The carnival is actually fun-filled and even though I am a 40 plus man, I kept screaming like a child. It brought me back the pleasures, freedom and memories of childhood. The best part was Gnocchi. It is a local folk food made of potato and flour. You cannot help, bur gorge upon this delightful delicacy.

Later in the evening, we headed to the parade that starts in Piazza Bra’s course, with bands from the city, adding splendid music to its fervor. I can still feel that excitement in my heart. Walking along the North West side of Piazza Bra, I encountered the famous centre of the city, Piazza Erbe. This place was quite crowded with tourists and even the locals because of the numerous market stalls and monuments.

The next on the list was Castelvecchio; we went there the next afternoon. It was built as a symbol of strength and security; and still stands to tell its tale with the same stalwartness. The Castelvecchio meaning ‘Old Castle’ was not simply admirable but majestic, as I had imagined it. My interest in the architectures built during the middle ages took me to the romantic and historically beautiful city of Verona; however I was left wonderstruck at the amazing treasures this land has in its realms. It is an absolute thesaurus of monuments from various stages of time and dominions which ruled over it.

This fortress in particular became the focal of my attention because of its modest architecture yet an absolute show of sturdiness. The Ponte Scaligero is its connection with the city; and although it was destroyed in the Second World War while walking on this bridge, all I could think of the masterminds who strategized something so attractive and secured.

Damaged in several attacks this fort has lived up to its reputation of standing brawny and guarding with excellence. Considered amongst the prominent Gothic buildings, the red bricks and the massive merlons have all been built in accordance with the strategic building methodology. Not to forget the channel built around it, which was filled with water from the river to prevent enemy entrance.

My trip to this city lasted for days and every building here became a part of my elaborative study. So, there are more elaborations coming your way.

Author-Bio:- Marco is content is a content curator who  writes articles, blogs, news releases, and case studies on a wide variety of topics like travel, technology, video sharing apps and more. He also loves writing about Accommodation Verona.

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