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The Gradual Growth of Shopping Around the World

>> Jul 3, 2013

Almost all the women in the world love to shop. They find shopping quite recreational and entertaining. Today with the growth in the retail sector, leisure shopping is possible almost around every corner of the world. In the old times, people had only access to fairs and markets, which were only conducted at certain times of the year. Soon, people found more useful ways of selling and buying goods and thus, permanent stores were established.

Basic Guidelines of Shopping

Not until a few decades back super markets were not quite prevalent in Asia. Today, one cannot even think life without the absence of a supermarket in the neighborhood. There are certain facts that are maintained in most of the supermarkets. These are –

  • The customer is required to choose and select FMCG products or food items according to his or her requirements.
  • In many supermarkets, the customers are supposed to package their own products and even deliver themselves at the counter.

Role of Malls and Hubs
Malls or hubs can be described as a collection of stores situated in a single building. Usually, shopping malls are the latest trend in the south Asian countries. Many ambitious projects are also about to go under construction. Malls generally pull a lot of people together. This fact alone makes shopping hubs the paradise for shoppers, who get the chance of reaching almost every kind of shop under one great roof. Whether, it is clothing or shoes or food, you can find a shop for almost every item in a shopping hub.

There are several types of shopping malls at present. In neighborhood shopping malls, you will find that they usually cover an area of about thirty to one-fifty thousand square feet of area. Many people also term these hubs as convenience centers. Community halls are considered to be bigger in size than usual convenience centers. They follow a certain layout, which are most of the times in the shape of an L or U. 

The mall management makes it obvious that mall constitutes one or two discount stores for attraction. There are certain shopping hubs, which only sell fashion apparels. These shopping malls are exclusively designed for customers with high monthly income. The area of these malls might range from 80 to 250 thousand square feet. 

Online Shopping Is the Latest Development in Retail Growth 

Online Shopping

The internet is well known for its wide range of usability. Now, it has emerging as one of the biggest tycoon of shopping. Today, you will be able to find almost everything over the internet. Whether, you want to buy clothes, or food, or furniture or electronics, you will be able to buy everything from fast growing e-commerce sites. There are even many shopping websites that provide you with flat free shipping on any purchase.  


Now, even established brands have created e-commerce option in their websites for their loyal consumers.  However, it is quite important for you to conduct a market research about an e-commerce site before ordering with your money, as many sites may prove to be fraud.


Shopping has different versions in different communities and sectors of the world. Shopping found its foundation way back in the ancient roman ages. Times are changing and so are changing the modes of shopping.

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