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How to Bring an Infant along a Long Road Trip – Ten Handy Tips

>> May 6, 2014

For children to really get something out of travelling experiences they generally need to be at least five or six years old, though that doesn’t mean mum and dad need to cease taking holidays until they reach that age.

Moreover, due to what’s involved, bringing an infant along on a long road trip isn’t something any parent should consider unless they’re adequately prepared.

With that in mind, here are a few considerations and tips to take note of if you’re bringing along your infant child on a long road trip.

1.   Should you be travelling at all?
If your child is under six weeks of age it’s highly advisable to wait until they’re older. Not only do most medical practitioners advise against travelling at such a tender age, but there’s a good chance that you won’t enjoy your road trip as much as you would have had you waited until they’re a little older.

2.   Plan with plenty of time to spare
To ‘be prepared for anything’ you need ample time to research your trip, plan and pack and make the necessary arrangements. Travelling with infants on the spur of the moment often proves a mistake due to inadequate time to prepare.

3.   Understand what to pack
It’s difficult to pack lightly when travelling with an infant and there are so many things you’ll need to bring on your road trip. Moreover, if you’re travelling overseas or by air to get to your starting point, you also need to understand what you can and can’t take on the plane.

4.   Know your child’s ‘sleep schedule’ and travel accordingly
The best time to travel with an infant is when they’re asleep. Whilst you naturally won’t want to limit your time on the road until the evening when they’re fast asleep, it’s advisable to get as much driving time in whilst they’re (literally) sleeping like a baby.

5.   Seating arrangements
A proper child seat is a must when travelling with infants. If you’re hiring a car or camper for your road trip enquire in advance about hiring a child seat. Some rental firms charge extortionate prices so you might want to bring your own or buy one when you arrive at your starting point.

6.   Keep baby comfortable
In addition to a good child seat, what else do you need to keep your child comfortable? Everyone’s time will be so much more enjoyable if baby’s kept comfy –and quiet!

7.   Take lots of breaks
Taking regular breaks from the road is advisable ordinarily and even more so when travelling with infants. Take regular breaks and if possible plan ahead so you can take them in pleasant surroundings.

8.   Don’t travel every day
Spending every day on the road will wear everyone out – mum, dad and bub. Plan your road trip in advance so as to spend a couple of days every week relaxing.

9.   Book accommodation in advance
By booking your accommodation in advance you can head directly to your destination and avoid spending more time on the road than you need (or want) to.

10.                Entertainment
Children need to be kept entertained when travelling – it will be quite some time before they begin deriving enjoyment from watching the world go by their window.

If you’re to enjoy the road trip you have planned as much as you’re no doubt looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a camper rental and hitting the open road, you need to understand what’s involved when travelling with an infant and therefore how to adequately plan and prepare so that everyone has a great time.

About the Author:
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2 komentar:

Alexa T May 7, 2014 at 1:55 AM  

I know for sure that I went in my first group travel at 4 years old with a kindergarten educator and others children... so that means in era of '79... anything was possible!! I still own the postcards when the educator wrote that all is fine, that I love nature and I'm a good child! Since then I truly appreciated the idea of travelling, as often as I can, thanks to my parents, especially my mom... I did lots of travels in her company and still, right now despite the severe illness of reumathic arthrosa at 80 years, we want to plan a trip to a resort for medical balnear treatment. So: going in a trip at early age can be very rewarding from phisical point of view, a beneficial state of mind and... in time it turns in a good memory, remembrance of heart!

Staff Administrator May 7, 2014 at 2:29 PM  

tips yang sangat bermanfaat mbak..
peremcanaan dan persiapan yang matang memang sangat diperlukan ya

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