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Teachergive Sale 2023

Important Codes on Wallpaper Labels

>> May 27, 2014

When purchasing wallpaper, at first you should notice the codes listed on the label. Do not just fall in love with the beauty of motifs and colors. For your consideration, so here are the codes that are often found on the wallpaper label:
- Scrubbable
It means that the wallpaper is able to be scrubbed with a soft brush and a light solution of soap or detergent . This type is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

- Washable
The wallpaper can be cleaned periodically with a mild cleaning fluid. This type is suitable for living room, dining room and bedroom.

- Stain resistance
Means that the pattern of motif and color on wallpaper will not change after being cleared of fat and concentrated stains like coffee. Ideally used for kitchen and bathroom.

- Abrasion resistance
Shows ability of wallpaper to withstand scratches and collisions that cause decay. Suitable for transitional spaces such as foyer and hallway.

- Colorfastness
This type of wallpaper color not easily fade due to exposure to excessive light. Nearly all today’s wallpaper has these characteristics.

- Peelable
This type of wallpaper can be peeled off the wall. There are several types of wallpaper that need help of special fluid to release it. Usually on the former peeling can be seen elongated lines that can be used as a benchmark when you will put up new wallpaper.

- Strippable
This is the kind of wallpaper that can be released immediately and will not cause scars or damage the paint on your walls. This type is matched for anyone who renting a house. So the next time you move, wallpapers can also move along with you.

- Prepasted
This means that it is equipped with wallpaper adhesive. To stick it on the wall, simply wet it with water. A little note, before washing the entire area of
​​the wallpaper, you should do a test on a hidden part to prevent things that are not desirable.
Watch out : many special glue used to attach wallpaper containing arsenic. This type of glue -after investigation-  may produce a gel that has the ability to cultivate mushrooms. In high humidity condition, this fungi becomes more fertile and turns into a gas that produces lethal toxins. So, make sure that the glue is free from arsenic.

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