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Open Space at Your Home

>> May 16, 2014

There are a range of ways can be used so that the house doesn’t feel hot and stifling including creating more openings, choosing building materials that give light impression, and using light-colored paint. In addition to these options, there is a building structure that is very helpful to avoid the heat inside the house, while giving the impression of relief, which is named void.

What is void exactly?
As expressed by an author of the book about interior design, void is a space or an open area in the house that doesn’t have impediment; in this case is the building elements (such as structural columns, floors, etc.). But not all open areas in the house can be called with the void. Open area above the garden area or a clothesline is not referred to as void. Which can be connected to void structure is an open area inside the house, not outside the house.

Void has two main functions. The first is to facilitate the flow of air inside the house, although not using the air conditioning, the property still feels cool and not hot. The air continues to change with new air, so that the respiratory health can be maintained. The second function is to create the effect of a more spacious and roomy space. It's good to be applied at small houses that feel cramped.

Besides those two functions, void can also be used for the communication media between the downstairs and upstairs. With the void, residents who are on the second floor can communicate and see the occupant who is on the first floor, and vice versa.

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jp@A Green Ridge May 16, 2014 at 7:29 PM  

The Pres and I use our space (void) wisely too!!...:)JP

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