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When You Need to Vape Like a Ninja

>> May 22, 2014

Tovape like a ninjais to vape stealthily, i.e. without being seen. This is how many people vape; however, due to vaping being far less damaging on the human bodytobacco cigarettes contain as many as 4000 chemicals whilst e-cigs only contain nicotinemany people are getting over the need to vape ninja-style and are doing so freely and out in the open, though not in places they shouldnt like hospitals, schools and the toilets at work.

Billowing clouds of vapour
If you want to vape like a ninja youre going to have to saynoto big clouds of vapour, and in fact; these big vapour clouds are giving vaping a bad rep and should consequently be avoided.

Spike Babaian, the founder of the National Vapers Club and a co-owner of an e-cig chain thats now opened three stores in New York isnt, like many vaping advocates, a fan offoggers, i.e. those who derive immense pleasure from blowing billowing vapour clouds. 

Its frustrating for the advocates who are trying to stop a ban when 20-year-old kids are blowing these giant clouds and are like,Look at me, Im so cool,says Babaian,theres something to be said for not making a spectacle.

A spectacle is precisely what you dont want to make if youre to vape like a ninja, so say no to clouds and practice a little discretionit has many more benefits for you and other vapers than just hiding the that fact you vape from your parents.

How to produce less noticeable vapour clouds
Its actually remarkably easy to reduce the size of the vapour clouds you blow, including the following techniques that have been passed from ninja masters to ninja apprentices for some time now, so take note of these tips young grasshopper and youll never be busted vaping again.
  1. Opt for a small battery with low volts and watts
  2. Avoid the use of ultra-low resistance coils and headers
  3. Use a higher PG content
Vaping ninja-style made easy!

The cupped hand technique
If you were a smoker before you gave up the dirty habit by switching to e-cigs theres a good chance that youve already earned a black belt in the cupped hand technique, though if you havent, this is like Vaping Ninja 101you have to master this technique before moving on the next.

A small e-cig mod is easier to use, though dont overlook the benefits of practicing on a larger one firstif youre to learn how to vape like a ninja master you need to set yourself challenges and mastering the cupped hand technique with a large e-cig mod can be challenging thats for sure.

With the e-cig mod in the palm of your hand and the tip between your thumb and index finger, lightly curl your fingers around the electronic cigarette mod so that only the tip is visible, raise it to your lips and take an inconspicuous and short pullthats step one.

Once youve mastered step one youre ready for step two which is the inhalation and the release of vapour.  

This is trickier than the first step and to gain an understanding of what you look like when using the cupped hand technique youre advised to practice in front of the mirror or record yourself.

Recording yourself is advisable so as to track your progress, though dont make the mistake of keeping the recording as this could be used as evidence and real ninjas dont leave evidence.

When pulling on the tip of the e-cig make it a short pull, though dont contort your face as many are guilty of, play it cool just as a ninja would before a surprise attack.

When exhaling, do so through by making a small opening with your mouth and exhale downwards with your head slightly tilted towards the floor.

Some vaping ninjas advocate taking long inhalations but this isnt necessary and some get red faced in the process which is a tell-tale sign that theyre hiding something.

Thats it for now, if and when you cease blowing massive vapour clouds and master the cupped hand technique you can source more information and continue your training.

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