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Negative Effects of Too Early Gadget Introduction

>> May 30, 2014

When a below-five-years-old child is more sitting glued to gadgets, they don’t have time to interact socially with others. At this time, the child loses the opportunity to learn about social values ​​such as how to adapt, tolerate, to cooperate with others since social values will only be embedded properly when the child interacts with his friends.

If the child doesn’t have references to adapt in a new environment in his mindset, eventually the child will have the problem name schoolphobia. Many factors may cause children to experience schoolphobia, but the internal factors of parental guidance that doesn’t restrict children playing gadgets is the most influential factor. A Japanese study showed that children who are addicted to the games on the gadget, after investigation, it turned out that their empathy nerve power were dead.

This leads to child who's less care, very emotional at others, and unstable. The labile character will be noticed when the child meets or interacts with others. The ability to respond emotionally disturbed when children don’t have many opportunities to interact with the environment due to nerve damage caused by gadgets.

Problems can then arise because the trouble in concentration. It seems that the child sits in front of a desk, but the presence of active gadget makes less effective learning process. Every time gadget sounds, it causes disturbed concentration directly.

That's why parents need to teach how to use a gadget properly as gadget can be  unlimited resources which makes children can easily access information and develop insight knowledge. 

But life is not only to develop insight and knowledge. Children must comprehensively develop physically, emotionally, and socially. This of course must be balanced, so parents should really teach the use of gadgets in order not to impact negatively on the child.  

Some other negative effects:

1.The child can become spoiled, and perhaps lazy, as he always wants to play gadget.
2.The lack of concentration making it more difficult to focus. It can interfere with children's academic achievement. 
3.The child will potentially have lower morale because she/he knows the improper information from the use of gadgets that can access the internet.
4.Physically, the child may have curving spine and problem in growth.
5.The child becomes so irritable or aggressive as affected by gadget.


Characteristics of children who are already hooked on gadgets: 
1.Losing interest in other activities.
Rejection is always conveyed when parents ask the child doing fun outdoor activities. 
2.Constantly talks about gadgets. 
3. Changing moods.
4.Attract themselves from social relationship.
5.Start not telling the truth.

Children are not honest when asked about how long they have used the gadget. They have also started using gadgets secretly so it’s difficult for parents to monitor.

Child should be given the right toys which make the child able to explore and sit long like puzzles, lego, or if he has begun to hold a pencil; give picture books and colored pencils to draw.

Children will actively express themselves when the brain actively used. The child's behavior is formed of two things, namely the process of imitation and identification. If children still don’t have a standard of good and bad in his brain, what happens is he mimicking what he sees. When children aged five years of age has often played violent games, automatically when facing problems, the brain only recorded violence. Thus parents, you should be selective, critical and creative in educating children!

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