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2 Dental Problems That Afflict Children and the Best Way of Dealing with Them Once And For All

>> Sep 19, 2016

There is a whole host of problems that can and do affect young children and as a parent; you constantly need to watch out for these. You need to watch out for the oral and dental health of your little ones and knowledge is the best defense. This means that you need to invest some time to find out the common problems likely to afflict them and the best way of preventing and solving these issues.

You might be tempted to consider not solving these problems as they arise thinking that since they are baby teeth they will soon be replaced by permanent teeth, so there is no need to fret. You can never be more wrong with this type of thinking, as the fact is some of these problems if left unchecked can result in serious problems down the road. Some of the problems that can arise if these issues are not resolved as soon as they arise include disfigured teeth and speech impairment.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Prevention as always is better (and cheaper) than cure. Some of the common problems that cause a myriad number of tooth problems for the little ones include; Sugar-the sugar that is present in carbonated fizzy drinks, sweets, fruit juices, milk and sugar water. Bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar, releasing acids which in turn corrode the enamel causing dental carries or tooth decay. This is something that you have the power to manage and you should start off with taking care of this.

Some of the common oral problems that might arise and might require a visit to the dentist in Aurora Co include;

·         Lip Sucking – This involves holding the lower lip beneath the upper front molars. This can likely occur all by itself or in tandem with sucking of the thumb. The end result is overbite and some of the problems include pushing the front teeth out of alignment, impaired speech, eating disorders and overbite.

To stop this from getting out of hand, you must use positive reinforcement to get the child to stop this. Positive reinforcement uses a reward as opposed to negative reinforcement, which uses punishment, encourage the child to stop lip sucking and offer them a reward every time they do, eventually the child will stop.

·         Early Tooth Loss – If the child loses their tooth way before the permanent teeth are ready to replace it, this can cause problems, if left untreated, with the remaining teeth crowding the space left vacant. This will alter the structure of the dentition due to misalignment.

To prevent this problem, train your child in proper oral and dental hygiene from day one.  Enhance this with proper nutrition, cut off on the sugar. If the problem gets out of hand, visit the yelp page of a qualified doctor and the doctor will use a space maintainer, a device which will hold open the space left by the tooth to avoid overcrowding. As soon as the device is removed, the permanent tooth can grow unhindered.

Author Bio

Sylvia Kolchak, MD, is a dentist in Aurora Co who specializes in pediatric dental care. She is an active practitioner and she has been in the practice for the past 28 years. To learn more about dental care, visit this website.

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