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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tips for Buying the Best Coffee Grinder

>> Sep 20, 2016

Coffee grinders keep your coffee tasting fresh. Coffee grinders keep your coffee tasteful. Many people buy pre-ground coffee and wonder why it doesn’t taste so good after a few days of having it. The secret to having amazing coffee every day and getting the most out of your coffee beans is to actually buy the beans and grind them up yourself.
Blade Grinders

There are a few different types of grinders, and if you really want to grind up your coffee beans it’s best to invest in a good grinder rather than spending a few dollars on a blade grinder.  

Blade grinders are the cheapest grinders that you will find. Although they are cheap, this is not a good option to start with. This type of grinder will cut the beans up and they may even end up being heated by how intense the blades are. Generally, the coffee produced when you’ve used a blade grinder doesn’t really taste good.

If you just want to try coffee grinding for fun, then you could try blade grinders to start you off, but don’t expect immaculate results. Blade grinders are just a cheap way for people to start grinding their own coffee, but it can often put people off of grinding their own coffee once they sample their results.

Burr Grinders

Your next option is a burr grinder. What these do, is crush the beans up as opposed to blade grinders which cut them up. Because it is a grinding system and doesn’t involve blades, the beans usually aren’t heated up as much and it will result in better tasting coffee, which is ultimately what you wanted all along!

There are different types of burr grinders. To get a good one that works well, you will need to get one that is ceramic or stainless steel – all different types of burr grinders have been tried and tested by our coffee lovers, and this is where their heart lies.

Hand Grinders
If you like to put more work in for your coffee, you might prefer hand grinders. Like the name suggests, you have to use your hands to turn the handle in order to grind the coffee beans up – these don’t involve any electricity, which means you quite literally have to do all of the work. Admittedly, this doesn’t sound too good so far, but it does lead to really, really good tasting coffee.

Some people even find hand grinders to be somewhat therapeutic to use, so if you’ve got the spare time to grind the coffee, it can definitely have some awesome benefits!

Overall, hand grinders are the definite winner for quality of the coffee produced by the grinders, but they do take a lot of work, so they are perhaps not so good for people with busy lifestyles. In this case, why not try a burr grinder? They promise amazing results and barely take any effort; it’s definitely worth a try! Keep your coffee tasting good.

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