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An Overview of Product Liability

>> Sep 8, 2016

A product liability attorney is a legal professional who usually practices in the area of family law. Although a personal injury attorney will usually handle cases involving all types of personal injury, it is important to get a lawyer who is familiar with the product liability laws of the state where the case will take place and that they have a great deal of experience in handling product liability cases. They will need to be skilled at determining the area of blame and the types of damages to which you should be compensated.

Product Liability by Design

One of the products that causes injury by design that most people are fairly familiar with is automobiles. Many of us have gotten notices in the mail that a certain part on our vehicle has been recalled and that we are to take it to a dealer or other mechanic to have the problem fixed for free.

These recalls happen when a design feature does not behave in the expected way once it is put to real use. For example, a seatbelt that doesn’t stay hooked securely during impact or a cruise control switch that catches fire. Not surprisingly, these design failures can lead to injuries and fatalities, and they often do. It isn’t until a number of people have been exposed to the impact of the inferior design that the recall takes place. Meanwhile, those that suffered from the injuries that occurred before the discovery was made may seek advice from a product liability attorney about getting compensation for the damages that incurred.

Product Liability by Manufacturer

A manufacturer may be held responsible for product liability either due to failing to see a defect in a design or for the materials and process used that make the product defective. In 2007, when a number of pet food manufacturers distributed pet foods containing contaminated wheat gluten, existing laws and the challenge of putting a value on the lives of the pets that were lost make it difficult for pet owners to get compensation. When this type of oversight occurs during the manufacture of products used by humans, holding the manufacturer accountable is not as challenging. Attorney G. Martin Meyers explains that if you have been injured or become ill because of an improperly manufactured product, you deserve compensation for your medical bills and other costs.

Product Liability by Retailers

The retailer also has multiple areas of responsibility with the products they offer. Taking shortcuts and buyer lower-quality products to save money could result in offering a dangerous product to their customers. It is up to the retailer to offer a good quality product to their customers as well as others who come into contact with the product or handle it. Otherwise, a product liability attorney may recognize their responsibility in causing damages to their client.

There are many ways and many steps along the way that can result in an injury or illness that falls under the heading of product liability. If in doubt, contact a product liability attorney to determine if you have a case and what your next step should be.

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