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Always go for the best Stethoscope

>> Sep 21, 2016

It is quite evident that a doctor needs the help of equipment to do his duty in the right way and the thing which can be said to be the identity of a doctor is his stethoscope. A stethoscope is an auditory medical device that is used for auscultation or listening to the internal sounds of a human body or animal body. Basically, a stethoscope has four parts, such as Earplugs, Metal tubes, Rubber tube and Bell/ diaphragm. The bell is placed on the chest of the body and is used to listen to the sound of the heart or lung through the earplugs.

3 best brands of stethoscope trending in the market and their features 3M Littman Classic ll S.E Stethoscope

  • These ergonomically designed 3 M Littman Classic S.E. 2820CPR stethoscopes consists angled ear tubes, soft-sealed earplugs, and an adjustable headset
  • The latex-free and non-chill rim will provide extra comfort to the patients
  •  It also consists a dual-sided chest piece, a tunable diaphragm, and most importantly high acoustic sensitivity
  • The tunable diaphragm has an open bell on one side while the other side is a chest piece
  •  Moreover, the 3 M Littman Classic S.E. 2820CPR stethoscopes are available in various colors like purple, black, pearl pink, and Caribbean blue that can match your favorite scrubs.

Omron Sprague Rappaport 416-22-BLK
Omron is another famous brand for producing the best stethoscopes. The Omron Sprague Rappaport 416-22-BLK stethoscopes are one of the highly acclaimed stethoscopes from Omron that is famous for its clinical flexibility and high performance. These stethoscopes consist of the below-mentioned features.

  •  They have a chrome-plated chest piece and latex-free tubing.
  •  The tubing length comes in multiple sizes so you can feel free to get the size according to your comfort.
  •  This particular stethoscope provides loudness and good clarity.
  • This type of stethoscope can be availed with a different range of diaphragms and open bells, vinyl storage case and extra ear tips. 
  •  It is the first choice of most of the medical student for its affordability.
Lumiscope Sprague Rappaport style stethoscope
A Lumiscope stethoscope comes with a Blood pressure kit in the form of a package. So if you are looking for an economical and reliable stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, this one can be your right choice.
  • This stethoscope comes in a Sprague Rappaport style with a tubing length of 22’’.
  • Variety of diaphragms, bells, and ear tips are available in these types of stethoscopes
  • This type of stethoscope also features "D" bar cuff with touch and hold closure, with spring clip and metal gauge.
  • The package of the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope are available in a number of colors like hunter green, pink, and purple and orchid.
The price of the stethoscopes varies according to their features. And along with the three aforementioned brands, there are other famous brands also that produce stethoscope of high-technology. You can check out the number of sites to get a clearer idea about those before investing your money in buying a stethoscope. 

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