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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Rеduсе Reuse and Recycle at Home for a Healthier Environment? 

>> Sep 21, 2016

Rеduсе, Reuse, and Recycle are 3 words associated with keeping the environment healthy. Three eco-friendly words that serve as guide on how people should manage wastes properly.
Rеduсе waste by not creating waste in the first place. The creation of new products requires many raw materials and energy - both renewable and non-renewable. But with the increasing demand for new products, the call to reduce wastes always takes a step back. If the demand for new products can be lessened, wastes will be lowered and natural resources saved. 
·         Save on water. Save on energy: “Turn off the faucet when not in use.” This is a relentless reminder we have heard so many times from various sorts, that at some point, this must have irked us; but the relentless notice serves its purpose. Surprisingly, only a few people follow this reminder by heart, which results to resources gone to waste. Leaving a faucet continuously running (while brushing teeth and/or washing the face) uses both water and energy. And the simple act of turning it off will save these resources for the time being and be consumed for its rightful purpose eventually.
·         Unрlug Appliances. Save on Energy: Many people fall prey over the habit of keeping appliances and devices plugged even when energy is no longer needed. Say, a fully charged cellphone still attached on the outlet or a TV left on standby. Energy is wasted but people continuously play dumb and don’t take action. Breaking off from this behavior will lessen energy waste and will affect the environment favorably.
·         Use Compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED lights: This is another energy saving approach. CFL’s and LED lights consume less energy and last longer but illuminate spaces further than the traditional light bulbs can offer.
Reuse items more than once. “One-time use” items or disposable ones can still be utilized for other purposes. These items include plastic bags, boxes, egg cartons, water bottles, paper envelopes, and aluminum foil. While these items have been expended for the intended purpose, people can still think of other productive ways to make the most out of it; instead of simply throwing it away.
·         Rеuѕе рlаѕtiс ѕаndwiсh bаgѕ: Getting into this practice saves a lot of money and reduces the amount of plastic bags piling up in landfills. A still reusable sandwich bag can be utilized as container for bits and pieces. Just clean and dry thoroughly before use. 
·         Use refillable water bottles. Stop buying disposable plastic water bottles; in lieu, buy refillable water bottles made from durable materials. Wash, clean, and refill each time. Nursing only one bottle for a specific time period significantly reduces the number of disposable plastic water bottles that end up in landfills.
Rесусlе items by turning into new and valuable pieces. The most common initiative is to collect recyclable items such as used bottles and old plastic containers; and then to forward the accumulate to recycling facilities that will turn these into chairs, centerpieces, tables, lamps, and bags.
·         Recycle on Your Own: Make recycled paper at home. Turn spoilt cooking oil into fuel. Or clean tin cans and alter into an art piece. 
·         Buy Recycled Items: Favoring reprocessed items over all-new manufactured ones is also considered as a recycling practice. Doing so, increases the demand for recycled items and lessens the volume of wastes. Businesses can go for office supplies made from recycled materials. People looking for embellishments at home can choose from salvaged pieces. And printer users can opt for remanufactured ink cartridges online.
To Rеduсе, Reuse, and Rесусlе is a necessity in this fаѕt расе world. It doesn't take much еffоrt provided a person is willing to sacrifice and make little changes. The littlest of changes may not seem to make a difference. But looking at a wider range, one small act counts toward the goal of a healthier environment.

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