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10 Ways To Customize Your Dock

>> Oct 31, 2016

There are many ways to customize your Dock so that it stands out from the rest and makes it the most relaxing along with enjoyable experience. Most people tend to leave their docks plain and simple made from either steel, concrete or wood. By customizing it you can transform the space into one that your friends and family will envious of.
Below we have compiled a list of the different ways that you can customize your Dock:

1 - Adding Custom Lighting

You do not just have to enjoy sitting on your dock during the daytime, if you add custom lighting you can completely transform it into a space that you can enjoy during the evenings. There are hundreds of different choices available from glass enclosures, hanging lights, LED displays and more.

2 - Installing A Dock Hammock

Hammocks are the most comfortable way to relax and unwind from a stressful day. Attaching one to your dock will give you a great way to enjoy the environment, taking a nap, drinking a nice drink or reading a book.

3- Building A Pontoon Table

There is no greater experience that enjoying a lunch or evening meal sitting out on your dock. It is also great when you host friends or family members around for something to eat as it adds to the experience.

4 - Adding A Canoe and Kayak Holder

If you enjoy canoeing or kayaking, you do not want to be dragging it back home every time that you use it. By installing holders in your dock for these means that you no longer have that hassle.

5- Adding an inflatable Slide

If you have children or are simply a child at heart what better way to enjoy yourself than sliding down an inflatable slide into the water.

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6 - Building A Dock Swing

In the right environment setting up a swing for your dock can be simple and inexpensive. What is more fun than acting like Tarzan and swinging into the open water? It can be great fun for both children and adults to enjoy.

7 - Adding An Inflatable Pool

Lakes are filled with all sorts of things and if you have small children they can be dangerous. Adding an inflatable pool to your dock means that you do not have to get dirty and your children will be safe paddling around in it.

8- Using Nautical Decorations

Depending on where your dock is based, you can decorate it with items that match the scene it is set in. For instance, if you are by the sea you could add fishing nets, boat bells etc.

9 - Installing An Outdoor Dock Shower

If you enjoy going for a swim in the lake there is nothing worse than dripping all over your home to take a shower to clean off. Adding a shower to your dock mean that you no longer have to risk damage to your home as you can wash off on your dock.

10 - Decorating Your Dock With Plants

Adding plants to your dock is a great way to add to the beauty of it. They will almost look after themselves depending on the type that you choose to add.

For more ideas about how to customize your dock check out these ideas by Mobox

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