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Creating a Wireless Hotspot in your Car – A short Guide

>> Oct 12, 2016

Having your own wireless network is something great, but having it wherever you go is definitely much, much better. For example, you want to use wireless internet in your car and enjoy in its benefits while you are travelling. While most people this is not possible, we are here to change their mind and help them achieve that. So, let’s learn how to create a wireless hotspot in a car.

The Best Ways to Create a Wireless Hotspot

These ways are the most common ones users undertake in order to create a wireless hotspot in the car.
1.   Using a Smartphone 
2.   Using the best in class adapter
3.   Integrated Wi-Fi and Internet

Using a Smartphone 

If you have a smartphone you are aware that you can use the internet wherever you go.This implies that you have to have one of the latest smartphones which support Wi-Fi tethering and data connections.Once you find this option in your smartphone you will easily create a wireless hotspot. This method has proven to be very beneficial since it will help you save your precious time, it doesn’t require additional investments.

However, there is a big drawback in this method and it is an increasing battery consumption. But if you have a car power adapter then you will have no problems making this work.

Using the best in class adapter

With the development of modern technology and the need to have internet access everywhere most users started using a Mi-Fi, or a dongle adapter. This helps them create their wireless hotspot wherever they go. This option is highly recommended so you don’t have to think twice about it.

With the use of this device you don’t have to worry if you have forgotten your wireless device or deal with enabling and disabling Wi-Fi tethering. Also it doesn’t matter whether you or someone else is driving. You can use data only packages from your favourite internet provider and at the same time you will get professional support if you get stuck in some problems while setting up the wireless hotspot.

The only problem in this case would be to integrate this system in your car. Deciding to use this method will require additional contracts with your provider to make the entire experience more comfortable.

Wi-Fi andIntegrated Internet

Lately some modern cars have an integrated Wi-Fi and internet access in their system. So, if you can afford buying a new car equipped with these new features then you are definitely one of the lucky ones. Enjoying all the advantages of this method will make you feel like a God.

With these integrated systems you will definitely have the best performance using this approach. Such benefits plus a solid navigation system make more and more people decide to buy such cars.

Features like these make certain car models being purchased more often, and this requires the manufacturers to add more and more features to the new models to make them more popular. So, we can say that in the auto industry 4G internet access and wireless hotspots are a standard today. If you plan to buy a car with these features we recommend you to make a detailed comparison between different models in order to get the best features for the money you invest.

There are numerous brands of routers which use the IP address as a default IP for their system. With this IP the user can access the advanced features of the router they have. All you have to have before you login is the correct IP address, username and password.

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