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Teachergive Sale 2023

Give Your Child a Bubble Soccer Birthday Party for Great Fun!

>> Oct 21, 2016

Are you still planning a birthday party for your child? A sport theme would always be a great idea for an active boy or girl like your loved one. If his or her age is already eleven years old or more, why don’t you consider to create a bubble soccer party? This worldwide increasingly popular game is really worth to try as it offers lots of fun and amusement while still safe enough for children over the age of ten.

Bumper football is not suggested to play in rainy or strong windy day. So only if the weather permits, you can hold the soccer party outdoors such as your home backyard, a park or a soccer field. Among other party details, preparing this soccer game might need your attention more. It would not be a mistake as playing football outdoor or indoor which every player wearing inflatable bubble suit would become the most amazing and amusing activity during your child’s party. It surely will make the celebration greater and memorable than ever.
Well, there is no football to play without a ball, so Big Ball for Bubble Football is a must have in this game. Then imagine this; two teams of kids are bouncing, rolling and bumping to each other while each team is trying to make higher points. There is no need to worry as every player is protected by the bubble as long as they zip up the strap and grab tightly the two handles when playing the sport that conducted under your or other parents’ supervision. Kids can breathe freely inside since openings located on the top and bottom of each bubble ball. What a funny match to watch and play!

To make sure the product safety, select bubble balls that made from top quality materials and provided to you with at least one year quality guarantee. The common substance is synthetic matter like plastic polymers (PVC) that is risk-free, apparent and flavorless.

Happily, you can begin your search for the right inflatable product from your comfortable home. Yep, you can rely on Buybubblefootball, a leading company in the business of inflatable products that already started since 2008. Each product has guaranteed quality that offered at reasonable prices and trusted services.
For preparing the football game in your child’s birthday party, you should choose the right size of bubble balls that go with the age of children. In this case, the proper size is 1.2 m that suits individuals with the height of 125-165 cm, the weight of 30-50 kg and commonly for users under 16 years old.   

So, let’s take a look at those bubble footballs above that offered by Buybubblefootball.com. It would be the best choice for your child. Have lots of fun!

4 komentar:

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling October 25, 2016 at 10:40 AM  

My son would seriously love to play this with his friends!

Mas Donda October 28, 2016 at 9:11 AM  

Great balls for childrens, they could playing games happily.

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