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5 Reasons You Should Install a Flat Roof Now

>> Oct 14, 2016

It might be a traditional way of roofing but flat roofing still holds a dear place in the modern building society. While pitched roofing has enjoyed plenty of success in the current years, getting a good flat roofer is still a good idea to most home and commercial building owners. Unlike other forms of roofing you might need a couple of reasons to make you want to go forward.  You will also need a good roofer like King Koating.
1.   Affordable cost
With flat roof, there is no need for shingles or other decorative materials. Even though the roof might not look as attractive, it will definitely cost you a lot less. The construction cost is greatly reduced and there are fewer complications to encounter while repairing the damages of a flat roof. Consequently, the maintenance is much easier and more affordable. It is worth remembering that roofing companies also charge you for the gradient of the roof. The steeper it is, the more they will charge you. Working with a slanted roof is much harder and riskier. Hence you will have to level that with the price.

2.   Durability
With a lower set up cost, you might be worried that this might mean that you have to compromise the quality of the roof. The composition of the roof is not only easy to set up and maintain but also highly durable. In most cases, the roof is structured using gravel and tar offering longer life. Additionally, flat roofs are able to resist most damages lasting for over thirty years in most cases.

3.   Wind resistance
Every time there is a storm, you have to worry that you will need to redo your roof. Especially when dealing with pitched roofs. The flat and symmetric nature of a flat roof makes it less resistant to wind. It makes it less susceptible to the wrath of the wind allowing it to have better chances of survival. Hence it is a good type of roof to have when you’re in an area that has high winds speeds or a high frequency of hurricanes.

4.   Space for equipment
There is a reason why flat roofing is always preferred for commercial buildings. You want to have sufficient spacing for equipment like exhausts and AC vents without having to increase on the size of the structure. In most instances and without the benefits of a flat roof, you might just have to considering the space requirement. But, should you install such a roof, you might save yourself the trouble. The plain surface of the roof is symmetrical and hence offers a stable ground for heavy equipment.

5.   Ideal for solar panel
Even though you might not have the intention of installing solar panels now, one thing is very obvious; you might need them in the future. Should this be the case, with a flat roof, you will not only have the space but also an easier platform to work with making your migration into solar energy much easier.

Having a flat roof might look kind of old school but the benefits that it offers by far outweigh what it might not offer in aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, with improved engineering, flat roofs definitely look much better than they did in the past.

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Galih Jati October 17, 2016 at 6:23 PM  

I think, I am gonna make flat roof for my house..its really unique, I guess, it will save a lot also!

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