Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

6 Ways to Maximise Customer Retention

>> Oct 3, 2016

According to market and sales analysis, it is always difficult for a company to retain past customers than to find new ones. This happens to most businesses, especially in the online world where the internet is crowded with many online stores and shops. The effect and result of retaining customers to the business should never be ignored because it will yield increase to your sales. The following are 6 ways to maximize customer retention to your business

1. Reach out to your customers.

One way to reach out to customers is by providing them with accounts. An option to create account is always efficient. It will give them access to the website and to their previous transactions, thus repurchase is easier.

Accounts will also provide convenience because some information and details, especially the delivery details or shipping, are already pre-filled out. The payment option may also be made more conveniently through the account as it can save the payment option they previously chosen.

2. Give corporate gifts and rewards.

There are many ways to make your customers happy and satisfied. Aside from giving them high quality and reliable products or services, let them know or feel as well that you care for them. Send them corporate gifts whenever you are on promotional program.

A customer loyalty program is a way to reward them for their loyalty. When you provide a loyalty membership, the conversation and communication with them will be greatly increased, which in turn will make them happy of your effort. Rewards may be given through points, which they can use to redeem items, or you may also choose to give discounts and great deals on their next purchase.

3. Reinforce your value.

Let your customers trust you by building good business relationship with them. One way to do that is by taking an interest in them. A simple service or selling of product is not really enough to reinforce your value, but rather a small conversation about how you can serve them better or how you can help to make their shopping or purchase more convenient and comfortable. 

4. Let them know that you are able to go above and beyond for them. 

By letting them know that you can even go beyond what they expect, they will remain as your customer and stick with you. They will also turn down other suppliers or competitors who knock their doors for some beautiful offers.

5. Deliver excellence.

Whether you sell products or services, always aim to deliver excellence. Make sure each product is defect-free and services are according to standard measures. Your dedication of giving customer service that is far above than expected to satisfy customers is one factor. In addition to that, the on-time delivery or your quick response to inquiries or issues is helpful and will yield positive results.

6. Use feedbacks and complaints to improve customer service.

Track their feedback and see whether they are complaining about your products, services, or assistance. If there are things to improve, do it as soon as possible and let the customer know that you have done the best step to solve the issue. Your aim to satisfy them and the satisfaction they get will be your stronghold in keeping them around for a longer period of time. 

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