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8 Ways to Go Green On Your Lawn and Garden

>> Oct 7, 2016

Everyone talks about going green. It may seem confusing at first, but you will notice that going green simply means being more environmentally responsible. You can employ these simple techniques in all your areas of life. For your garden and the space around you, the following strategies are workable:

1.   Plant a tree
Trees purify the air around us by utilizing the carbon dioxide we exhale. This helps in ensuring that the oxygen we inhale is safe following photosynthesis. In most cases, you will have to find some space, dig up a hole, plant the seedling, and then nurture it. Watering it and trimming/pruning when it’s grown will ensure that the tree lives for several decades.

2.   Harvesting rain water
The secret to being environmentally conscious is using what is provided naturally by nature. You should get a rain barrel; this is an inexpensive option for harvesting clean, mineral- and chlorine free water. By harvesting this water, you can use it for home use, cleaning your car or watering the garden.

3.   Compost pile
Use all the kitchen scrap to make compost. Instead of throwing out your vegetable waste, you should consider making compost manure. Add the trash to your landfill to make your gardener’s gold. The compost nurtures the soil in your garden resulting in very powered nutrients suitable for plant growth. Besides enhancing root development, compost also enhances aeration, water retention and soil texture.

4.   Growing your own food
With information on how to make the garden nutritious, you should also consider growing your own garden. As it turns out, the cost of living has hiked and growing your own food means some money saved on your side. Start by clearing out the garden area and if there are old tree stumps, you may consider getting professionals offering the best stump grinding services.

5.   Reduce the grass on your lawn
The grass on your lawn is important and instead of not using the grass, you should use the grass as ground cover grass for plants, stone, and pavements. This leads to less need for use of water because the grass retains the water in the soil.
6.   Use the reel mower
A good go-green option is switching to use of reel mowers rather than using gas powered mowers. The latter emits a lot of toxin gases thus unsafe for the environment. The other benefit of this mower is the exercise it provides. As a result, there is good air around the neighborhood, healthier body and a cleaner lawn.

7.   Use less chemicals
Plants around your garden and the backyard will be infested by pests and insects more than once. However, you shouldn’t rush to using insecticides and pesticides. Go for natural preventive measures, such as trimming and pruning especially for trees.

8.   Sign up for community gardening
Land is scarce in urban areas. However, there are several community areas you can hoe and grow foods. You can also have a community compost area.

In conclusion, to go green doesn’t mean having complicated lifestyles or having to pay more for some services. It only means using the gift of nature well and in the best way.

Author Bio
Miley Smith is a conservationist and an activist. Read her ideas about green earth, safe tree stump grinding, tree trimming, and gardening in small spaces etc. All these and more, visit her YouTube Channel.

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Mang Lembu October 8, 2016 at 9:38 AM  

delapan cara merawat taman di halaman rumah memang membutuhkan keahlian dan ketekunan juga rupanya, pada poin delapan mendaftarkannya kemana atuh teh?da saya mah tinggalnya dikampung

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