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10 Useful Bangkok Family Travel Tips You Need to Know

>> Mar 1, 2019

From quality service with a smile to delicious cuisine, great weather and culture to behold, Thailand has everything. Especially Bangkok, the city is not only well known as the popular outdoor wedding destination for Thai people and foreigners, but it is also one of the best places you can go with family. However, like any other destination, you expect a few challenges when navigating large areas like Bangkok. Here are 10 Bangkok travel tips you need to keep in mind when planning a family trip to Thailand.

Consider a Planned and Organised Tour

Most family travels would like to see everything when they travel to a city, the good, the bad and the ugly. This pushes them to consider an organised tour. Unfortunately, you may not enjoy such a tour as you may have logistical problems, miss some awesome areas, get into safety problems or just get lost. Consider an organised trip where you just show up, and everything else is planned for you.


Get Yourself a Prepaid SIM card

Use a prepaid SIM card once you touch down in Bangkok. It will make communication and access to the internet easy and cheap. The calling rates are fairly low and here, weekly and monthly packages to get you going. Buying a SIM card at the airport saves you the hustle of looking for one in the expansive city.


Get Yourself a Decent English Map

Bangkok has a planning problem. Therefore, you are not likely to get everything on your maps app on the smartphone. You will discover several shifting street names, rivers winding here and there and neighbourhoods that cannot be distinguished from each other with ease. Get a decent map in hard copy with street names in English. This makes it easier to move around.

Look for a Good Place for Accommodation

Accommodation should be first thing when planning a family trip to Thailand. Stay in the city centre and not in the suburbs. Read reviews and pick a hotel with good reviews on service. Also, check the distance from the main road. You can look for extras such as spas or a rooftop where you can experience sky dining in Bangkok. Check rates too especially if you are on a tight budget.


Haggle for the Best Price but Do it Politely

You will get everything with barcodes at the shopping mall. However, out there, most of the items will not have set prices. If buying items without a set price, it is okay to request for the best deal. However, do not get confrontational. Be polite and smiley at all times. Walk away if you cannot agree on the price with the seller.

Take as Much Water as You Need

Sometimes Bangkok can get humid and stifling hot. You need lots of water to stay hydrated especially if outdoors. Drink more water than you are sweating out. Fortunately, there are water vendors scattered across the city. Always ensure that the plastic bottle is sealed to enhance your safety against contamination. In the same breath, avoid drinking from taps.

Get Around Using an Underground Train or a Skytrain

There are several ways to get around the city. You can use a tuk-tuk, a motorbike or canal boat. However, if you are getting from a specific area to another on the other side of the city, the best mode of transport is an underground train or a Skytrain. You avoid traffic and travel in air-conditioned cabins, which are comfortable. You can buy a week or a daily pass to move along.

Sky Dine with Your Family

Sky dining in Bangkok offers you a chance to watch the awesome splendour of Bangkok as you have excellent Thai cuisine. There are several places across the city such as Cielo sky bar & restaurant that provide a rooftop dining experience. Try a few of them to get different views of the city. Take a moment to have a good time with yourself as you enjoy the cool breeze around you.

Meet Local Singles at Various Clubs Across the City

Make new friends in Bangkok as you wind down your night. There is a vibrant nightlife in Bangkok for singles where you can mingle, share experiences and enjoy a drink together. Avoid downtown clubs and discos as you might get mugged or drugged in the process. Otherwise, there is an abundance of karaoke nights, live performances and dance floors that offer amazing nightlife in Bangkok for singles.

Watch Out for Pickpockets in Crowded Places

Bangkok has its fair share of pickpockets, especially in populated spots. Therefore, it is essential that you exercise due caution when moving around especially in the evening. Do not carry all your cash in the same pocket. In addition, get copies of your travel documents, which you leave in your hotel room.

Ready to visit Thailand?  Bangkok is definitely the place you will land before visiting the rest of the country. It is an amazing city but can get dangerous, boring, and you may miss all the fun. Use the above Bangkok travel tips to have a safe, enjoyable time.

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