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3 Basic Furnace Parts Every Owner Must Know

>> Mar 5, 2019

A furnace is one of the most basic systems installed in every household. It offers priceless comfort and uses to homes especially during the cold seasons. Without heating, members of the house can quickly get sick due to the cold, and they might have to endure long hours of frozen cold especially during winter.

It tends to be overwhelming to own a house since there are too many maintenance works and repair that needs to get done at different times. It seems that the work is never-ending and sometimes, so are the expenses. However, you need to understand that maintenance is a necessary part of every system since it helps in keeping every installation work longer and this basic maintenance can save you from expensive repairs and unit replacement in the future.

When it comes to your furnace, regular cleaning is the best that you can do to have it functioning correctly. It is also good to practice caution in its usage. You have to take care of every single part of it so it will last longer. When you notice any defects or malfunctioning, it is advisable to immediately contact a furnace repair company Houston to help you out. Do not attempt to repair yourself if you are not an expert since you can impose harm instead of good to the system. However, it is essential for you to know the different parts of the furnace so you can learn and understand each better and you can also clean them up properly.

Gas Burner

The gas burner is one of the primary parts of a furnace. It works to heat all the air contained by the heat exchanger. So, whenever you turn on the stove, you will notice a small flame, called the pilot flame, lighting up in the gas burner. The pilot flame burns at a minimum temperature and works to heat the air inside your furnace heat exchanger slowly. The heated air is then distributed to different parts of the home.

Gas Manifold

The gas manifold is another significant component of the furnace system. It works as a connector for the gas valve and the burners. Other elements, such as spuds, also called brass fittings, are the ones responsible for connecting the lamps and the manifold. The amount of gas carried is dependent on the hole size of the manifold. As compared to other parts of your furnace, this is the part that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You can clean this part at least once a year only.

Heat Exchanger

Your heat exchanger is the heart of the furnace. And true to its name, it works to generate heat through the use of an exchange process. It ensures that the air going to the home is warm. It is considered to be one of the most critical parts of the furnace, and it is vital for it to function correctly at all times. You need to regularly check on it to make sure it is intact and does not have any cracks as it can affect the functioning of the entire system.

If you need experts to do maintenance or repairs on your furnace, visit us so we can help you out.

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