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Water filters_which to choose for a single household

>> Mar 28, 2019

When choosing water filters for home we have to consider many aspects. First of all, the choice of the right filtering system is determined by the origin of water in the tap - is it supplied by the water supply network from the treatment station, or comes from the backyard own well. It is often wrongly assumed that it is enough for the water to come from a deep well to make sure it is clean and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not true, because a lot depends on the area where the well is excavated.

In most cases there is a risk that the water consumed has incorrect physical and chemical parameters. People living in rural areas and near industrial plants are the most exposed in such cases.The use of nitrogen fertilizers, plant protection products and fertilizers can penetrate the groundwater. Also, sewage and garbage from badly protected cesspools may leak into water, especially if the technical condition of the well is not the best, because outside impurities can get into the neglected wells much easier. On the top of that there is still rubbish from local dumps. In such situations, the water should be thoroughly filtered using flow filters that use the reverse osmosis phenomenon.

Among all available technologies used for water treatment in domestic applications, it guarantees the most effective way during the purity process. Reverse osmosis removes particles as small as single ions from the water. These filters are assembled individually or in sets, and a suitable set of filters allows you to achieve the desired effects and the best water quality, e.g. ion exchange resin filter protects household appliances against stone, activated carbon filter removes organic and mechanical pollution, and nitrate filter absorbs harmful nitrates from field fertilization and leaking cesspools.

If the water comes from the network, we can have a greater guarantee of its purity, because it is purified in water treatment stations. In this case, home-made watering jars will suffice, which will clean the water in case of re-soiling in the water supply network (egg sediment or sand), soften the water (which will prolong the life of household appliances and have a good effect on the skin) and improve the organoleptic properties of water (taste and smell).

If you need know more abour home water filtration check Dafi.us.

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