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Teachergive Sale 2023

Comparing Fibreglass and Vinyl Windows Toronto

>> Mar 15, 2019

When shopping for replacement or new installation windows, you come across many diverse materials that are utilised for window frames. There are wood materials as well as vinyl windows Toronto and fibreglass.

In most cases, however, we end up choosing either fibreglass or vinyl windows Toronto materials. So what are the similarities and differences of these two common window materials utilised for window frames?

1.   Side By Side Comparison.
a.   Cost.
Vinyl is cheaper than fibreglass windows. It is almost 30 percent cheaper to buy and install. On average you need $450 to install a single vinyl window and $600 to install fibreglass window. Here vinyl windows Toronto carries the day.

b.   DIY Suitable?
You can easily DIY vinyl windows. On the other hand, you will need a professional to install the fibreglass window for you since it is quite rigid and require close attention to details. Though professional window installation is necessary for all windows, with fibreglass is mandatory. Not forgetting that some fibreglass manufacturers may not sell you their windows if you are not hiring a professional to install them. They may also not give you a warrant if they sell it to you. As you can see, again vinyl windows beat fibreglass windows.

c.    Strength And Durability
In terms of durability, both windows time since they are manufactured from a material that is not easily affected by weather or destroyed by insects as compared to wood material. However, fibreglass is stronger, tougher compared to vinyl windows Toronto. Besides, they are low maintenance. In this property, fibreglass carries the day.

d.   Maintenance.
Both types of window material are low maintenance. Mildew, mold, and dirt can be eliminated by housing, and the frames can be cleaned by scrubbing using sponge dipped in hot water. Therefore the two materials tie in this.

e.   Eco-Friendliness.
Fibreglass lead here since its materials are 70% from recycled glass. Toronto vinyl windows are typically manufactured from PVC plastic, a material that cannot be recycled when its lifespan ends.

f.     Colours and Finishes.
Fibreglass gives you many colour options though this is not such a big advantage. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, exist in different “baked-in” shades. However, the fibreglass windows can be painted with any colour of your choice as opposed to vinyl windows which cannot be painted.

g.   Energy Efficiency.
The material that makes fibreglass doors do not expand or contract under different weather conditions, therefore offer better insulation than Toronto vinyl windows. Apart from this advantage, they are also effective material in blocking outside noise.

h.   Appearance.
Fibreglass windows Toronto offer more glass space compared to vinyl windows. Because vinyl is not as sturdy as fibreglass, more materials are required for the frames. The implication of this is that you need thicker frames for vinyl windows cutting off the glass space. Fibreglass have thin frames leaving more space for the glass; hence, more glass, and more light.

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