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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Benefits of Interlocking Pavers

>> Mar 15, 2019

Interlocking pavers are a great idea if you live in the Toronto area and want to make sure that your property looks its best even in the winter weather. If you’re thinking about interlocking pavers for your deck, patio or sidewalk, here are some of the benefits that you can expect to take advantage of.
Snow Removal

Since the interlocking pavement is a smooth surface, it’s easy to remove snow. This a benefit, since it can snow heavily in Toronto during the fall and winter season. It’s also important to note that the snow will melt faster if it falls on darker pavers. You can also incorporate snow melting systems into the interlocking pavement to get rid of snow and ice safely and efficiently. If you have to put salt on the surfaces outside your home to make it easier to drive or walk in snowy conditions, the interlocking pavement won’t be ruined. This is great when you need to withstand Toronto winters and want to make sure your property remains intact.

Optimal Performance from Interlocking Pavers

The interlocking pavers create a surface that will last for years, which means you can move out of your home, pass the property on to your children and still depend on the pavers to stay intact. However, the pavers will last longer if they are laid on a base that is well prepared. When the pavers are installed according to ICPI guidelines, the interlocking pavers need little to no maintenance.

There are also lots of designs available, so you can choose from diamond or herringbone designs, as well as other geometrical shapes that fit your personal taste. You can also work with your contractor to construct a formal or casual design, and you can select the colors you want to make the pavers especially customized. The pavers are usually between two and two and a half inches thick, which is similar to the shape of conventional brick.

No Cracks and Easy Repair

The interlocking paver system is easy to fix, since the pavers can be lifted and replaced without much of a hassle. This makes the pavers much easier to repair than a concrete slab, which requires deconstructing the pavement and having to start the construction process all over again. This is the main reason why the cost is maintenance is so low for interlocking pavement. Since you won’t have to pay as much to install or repair the pavement, you can also change the pavers more often than if you were using traditional concrete.

Be sure to look for a few Toronto contractors that specialize in interlocking pavement when you’re ready to have this service done on your property. Look at some before and after pictures to get an idea of how your property will look once the job is done. Take a look at as many samples as you need until you decide on the paver shapes and colors that will match with the outdoor décor of your home. Don’t forget to ask your contractor for maintenance tips as well, so you can keep the pavers looking as good as new for years.

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