Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

First-Timer’s Handbook to Storage Units in Jersey City

>> Mar 22, 2019

Having a garage for storage is not enough; it is an observed trend among US citizens to opt for a Self-Storage facility to manage space efficiently.

Gaining Momentum

The storage industry was always occupied; however, in recent years the industry experienced a massive uprising. More than 11 Million people are currently known to rent a storage unit to free up space. Nearly 50,000 facilities are booming with customers making the storage industry a significant hit among communities.
People are hoarding more and more collectibles with no space to store them; all this stuff needs storage, and that is found in the form of a 5 x 5 (or the size you prefer) storage unit!

This phenomena in high demand among several kinds of masses, here are some of the familiar people who rent Storage units Jersey City.

Ø  Downsizers
Moving from a larger space to a much small and confined apartment can be taxing, especially when you don’t have enough storage space. Storage units are the easiest and clear alternative in such cases.

Ø  College Students
Storage units are the go-to storage solution for individuals just beginning to survive on their own leaving the warmth of their parents’ homes. They generally have a lot of extra baggage which they can unload in the storage unit and have a great semester at college with the extra space for their books in their dorm rooms.

Ø  Homeowners
If you own a house, you have faced the terror of trying to store uncountable objects into every small corner. However, storage units are high in such cases and can be used to declutter your house and finally find the floor beneath!

Ø   Military Families
It is common for military families to be moving, most of them resultantly turn towards self-storage facilities to store some of their precious artifacts and things that they cannot take with them.

Rental Procedure

You’re probably wondering how you can rent a storage unit by now, right? Don’t worry, here are some pointers to keep in mind for people beginning to use storage units.

Two types of storage units

Self-Storage and Full-Service Storage: As the names suggest, in self-storage the responsible party to deliver the belongings and stock them up inside the storage unit you rented from the Storage facility. On the other hand, Full-Service Storage offers its services to their tenants right from the transportation to documentation of their belongings.

After Contract Completion

Well, let’s set it this way, if you’ve paid your dues on time and have not ignored your mail then you get to keep your stuff or rent the unit again by renewing the contract! Storage facilities generally send you a formal notice in case you have missed payments for a very long time. As per their contracts, the facilities are then entirely free (after a certain period) to ‘auction’ all of your precious belongings.

If you want to some extra space for your SMB or to manage your home efficiently, storage units are great to serve you. However, if you get a memo from the storage facility don’t ignore it as you may have to wave goodbye to your stuff.

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