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After Giving Birth the Baby

>> Jun 16, 2009

Congratulations on your new born baby! Some new mothers are very happy; but some others are not. After delivering the baby, there are quite a lot of new mothers get depressed, passionless, confused, sad, disappointed, anxious and other mix-upped negative feelings without a clear reason. An expert said that these depressed feeling is often occurred to new moms.

There are two kinds of after giving birth syndrome: baby blue syndrome and postpartum depression syndrome. Baby blue syndrome is less severe and usually happened less in a week. Postpartum syndrome is more severe and can happen in more than 2 weeks or even continuing until few months. This syndrome has no time limit when it affects new moms and it also can happen on every baby birth.

Every woman can have this syndrome, even though you’re a doctor, psychiatrist, professor etc. There is no relation with the rationality of a woman. The syndrome is more dominantly caused by the hormonal change of the woman bodies. The physical change, the fatigue after delivering the baby and the doubts in facing new things are worsened the new mom’s condition. You may still remember that a famous US actress Brooke Shield has ever had the postpartum syndrome; she felt very depressed, sick and unable to fulfill her baby needs.

This syndrome can make a new mom to feel uninterested or on the contrary very interested to her baby; too worry or too pay attention; too afraid to hurt herself and her baby and unable to sleep or even lots of sleep.

To overcome your syndrome, here are the tips that can be applied after giving birth your baby :
  • Don’t get too intense, you should take times to relax

  • Have enough rest first. Share home tasks and your baby care with other family member

  • Limit your guests if you feel uncomfortable with too many persons in your house

  • Do more relaxing activities such as listening to music, reading books, watching movies

  • Build an open communication with other family member, especially with your husband. Don’t be hesitant to explain your feelings to others. A husband and other family member should know the information about the syndrome before so that they can give the best support to a new mom

  • Consult to the expert if your condition is getting worst

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