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How to Overcome a Coward Child

>> Jun 5, 2009

There are no parents who want to have coward children. Reprimanding and forcing children to be more dare will not make them better. Fear in children is actually normal things. Fear arises when children begin to realize the world around them. Since a child can walk, run and start talking, he is more independent and begins to reveal desires. On the other hand, the children are also sometimes starting to feel unsafe. With the size of the body that is still small, some children feel that the child himself is weak and easily attacked by the outside world.

Children can be afraid of various things, such as clown, dark, neighbor dog, voice of thunder, water and others. Parents may fight the child’s fear with directing it so that the child can control his fear. Read a story related to the fear. If your child is afraid of clown, tell a story about the clown who is actually the old kind-hearted man who loves his family very much. Children are critical thinkers; usually the fear will be reduced.

Child’s fear usually rises on the bedtime. He actually does not want to be separated and left by parents. If your child is afraid of monster will enter his room, try to anticipate by preparing "Anti-Monster" spray bottle. Add a few drops of aromatherapy oil such as lavender to it. Lavender fragrance can calm your child. Spray water to the window and door room. Say that the monster will not dare enter. Put the spray bottle on the bed-side table. Promise to your child if you will see him every ten minutes until he was asleep. Make your child comfortable with the routine activities before bedtime. Warm water bath, pick aback your child around the room, say good night to all his favorite things in the room, read bedtime story and pray together. Make sure your child that God will guard him during sleep. The child’s fear will slowly disappear if you feel calm and handle your child with patience and full attention.

If you have done the steps above but the fear in your child has not been reduced, you must address it more seriously. You must find the main cause of his fear. Here are some questions that can be a reference for you:
  • Are there any major changes in your family? The children have felt comfortable with the previous condition and then they must be experiencing a big change in their life such as moving house, changing schools or having a new brother. Major changes that they feel can trigger children’ fears.
  • Are there rules in your family? Routines, limits and rules can provide a sense of security. If there are no rules, children can not feel protected.
  • Are you on many demands of your child? Children can be depressed if too many activities and feel their parents too prosecuted. Sense of stress can trigger children’ fears.
  • Are you too worried about your child? Children can catch the feelings of their parents. If you are too worried, your child will also feel worried about his surroundings.

Correct the condition immediately after you find the main causes. Do not hesitate to contact an expert if you assume your child’s fear is too serious.

2 komentar:

concerned dad July 16, 2009 at 6:03 PM  


i have a 7 yr old boy who's always bullied by his classmates. He's often cryin when teased by his peers. he's not telling this to us and only lerned this thru his other classmates. when we confronted our kid, he said that he's afraid of his classmates and admitted that hes a coward and that's how he is.

My wife and i already ask him not to show cowardness to his peers but the same thing always happen in their school.

How can change our son to overcome he's cowardness to his peers.


Anonymous February 23, 2012 at 9:02 PM  

martial arts
every day.
hours each day
when he is able to beat up one kid, the others will stop bullying him
end of story.

no karate,
do brazilian jiu jitsu boxing muy thai, anything but karate

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