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How to Care for Aging Parents

>> Jun 5, 2009

Caring for parents who have entered old age is not an easy thing, especially if they have affected symptoms of senility. However, if you have the energy and time, do not hesitant to encourage your aging parents to live with together. You and all family members must provide with all the relevant knowledge first so that caring aging parents will become easier.

When someone reaches old age, functions of the physical and psychic body have decreased. The process is as natural and reasonable consequence of aging. Moreover, there are various degenerative diseases which accompany the elderly, so it needs extra attention from people around them.

Caring for the elder people is not only limited to physical health care but also on psychological and sociological factors. Please note that the quality life of elder people continue to decline along with increasing age. The decline in mental capacity, the role of social change, dementia (senility) and the depression that often suffered by elder people participate in aggravating their condition.

The first thing you should do is assessing the ability of your aging parents to run their body functions. There are six basic functions that must be observed. If there is a decline in ability; this suggests that your aging parents may need your assistance. The six basic functions are to eat, void, get up and go to sleep, enter a bathroom, bath and dress. There is also a list of eight instrumental functions that you need to monitor more strictly such as using the phone, preparing food, cleaning house, washing clothes, using the means of transportation (driving or not), taking drugs and setting up finance.

All you need to do is observing them during the various activities. Pay attention if a problem arises. One thing that is important, do not offer the prior required assistance or forbid them to do something which is not dangerous. Keep their feelings; do not make your parents ego offended.

As a daughter or son, you should still consider the rights of your parents as decision makers and do not ever impose your will. Appreciate them as an independent person.

You will have to take an action immediately if your parents have already shown denial signs that they are no longer able to function properly. For example, if they fell in the bathroom and they denied it. These things can be dangerous to their health if it is not treated immediately. You need to give more attention and increase your assistance if it is needed.

To provide a sense of security and convenience, you can change the interior design of the house or your parents' room. You just simplify the form of beds, chairs, doors, windows and so forth that often being used, skipped, or grasped. If it is needed you may also provide tools that allow your parents to walk, get up, sit down, and so forth. Bathroom should be made specifically for them. Do not use the climb stairs in the bathroom. You should also install a grip on the bathroom wall. If the facilities are available, your parents will feel safe and the danger will be reduced.

In addition to the decline in physical function, as generally, the decline in memory and intelligence also happens. The symptoms include the slow ability to think, the difficulty to concentrate and the difficulty to learn new things. Your parents may often forget the events that just happened and need helping cue to dig their memory. To help treat your parents’ memories, you can ask them to apply a variety of simple exercises such as recording daily activities, training the brain fitness with filling crossword puzzles, playing chess, reading or following the specific elderly exercises. All this activity aims to train attention and concentration.

If it is necessary, you can make the written or pictured signs to help their memory. Put these on a strategic place that is easy to read and watch. For example are the signs of today’s date, time to drink medicine schedule, your phone number and others.

To maintain physical and psychic health, your aging parents should still do the various daily activities. You can suggest a variety of activities to maintain their motoric and cognitive functions such as gardening, cooking, playing with the grandchildren, painting and other activities.

You and other family members may not serve all their needs as long as they can do it alone; so that your parents can still do their activities. You should be able to appreciate, encourage and make them feel valued as parents. They will feel that they are still considered, valued, loved and not simply a bothersome burden of others.

You need to set the food menu so you can meet the nutritional needs of your parents. It is better if you consult to a nutrition expert first. The measurement of vital signs, such as measuring blood pressure and blood sugar checks, should also be done regularly at home. Consult your health parents to the doctor regularly.

Being careful, patient, full of love and affection are the most basic things to give the best care to your aging parents. Your care is expected to be able to increase the quality of their lives, so your aging parents can enjoy their elderly age better.

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Diana T. September 3, 2009 at 12:17 AM  

This is some very practical advice for adult children in dealing with their aging parents and helping them maintain their independence. While maintaining independence is important, an assisted living community may also be a viable option if the children cannot provide the level of care the parents require.

UNDERFLOOR HEATING December 18, 2009 at 4:48 AM  

Bear in mind that when parents get to that point of infirmity, their children have reached at the very least, middle age. Many years past the age that the, now infirm, parents were when the now adults were "wee bairns".

Glan©Haser June 20, 2010 at 10:01 PM  

Pretty Useful Info. thanks a lot : )!

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