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Conserving The Love of a Married Couple

>> Jun 5, 2009

  • 1. Just 15-20 minutes every day
    During your busy life, don’t forget to still spend time together around 15-20 minutes to be intimate with your spouse. Except having meals together, husband and wife can do other activities such as:
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Having a little chat in the serene place with intimate
  • Sitting on the sofa while embraced without television interference
  • Drinking a cup of tea or coffee at the terrace
  • Taking a walk together in the neighborhood at night
  • Forgiving each other before going to bed. Start it tonight and make it as your new habit.
Do these simple tips alternately and make it as your daily routine. This activity patterns are very useful to restore the balance of sexual cycle after a busy work day.

2. Taking advantage of sense of humour
Each couple may have a unique humour style. Many couples can enjoy intimacy with the insertion of humor in their daily communication. Why don’t you try to do that also? Humour spices in the couple’s life can be one of the pillars to build more affection.

3. Everybody needs to be embraced
Take a few minutes to embrace or cuddle together, please do this regularly every day. Not only in a happy condition, but also in grief we will feel comfortable if we embrace. There are physical and emotional aspects in a hug. Embracing is not only showing concern, but also expectations.

4. Gazing into your spouse’s eyes
This is also a way to express your love. Eyes gaze may be more meaningful than words. Eyes also can reflect how valuable you are for your spouse.

5. Accompany your spouse
One of the reason for the loss of romantic and intimate atmosphere is when a wife/husband is left alone to do other activities. Don’t often say to your spouse "I must go now. There is something I’ve to do". Your attendance is very important for your spouse.

6. A simple but extraordinary thing
Sometimes we think that giving expensive things such as cars, jewelry and others to our spouse is of most value. In fact, there are many other things that may be more meaningful. Making breakfast though you are very busy, staring your spouse affectionately, praising and giving small gifts while expressing your feeling of love are very valuable habits. Indeed, these habits will take great effect to your marriage life.

7. Expressing your empathy
Don’t you ever to underestimate your spouse’s disappointment, anxiousness and excitement. Express your empathy with words and declare that you really comprehend your spouse’s feeling.

8. Magic wordsThe most sacred words in preserving the greatest love are "I LOVE YOU". These three words lead you into a married couple. Don’t let these sacred words to be meaningless. Four powerful words, "I LOVE YOU TOO" are the biggest appreciation that must be spoken often. Those sacred words will be a powerful force when it is spoken with really sincere and full of meaning.

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